An Anniversary Achieved

I’d like to take a moment to thank every single one of my readers and supporters. Today, marks the day of my 1 year anniversary as a blogger on WordPress. Its been an interesting journey. All and all, I have all of my top interacters to thank for keeping me motivated. You encourage me when I want to give up. You inspire me to keep creating. Often, your very own posts make me remember why I started blogging in the first place.

“Many artists, writers, musicans, etc. dont have a creative outlet, support or encouragement behind them. I remember the first time I realized I am a creative writer. I grew up in a military family. My dad had a heart attack during duty which forced him into early retirement three years prior to his official retirement. He couldnt work a lot, and when he did, he had to be careful of what he did. This meant a less exrtravogant life. It was ok, and I have no regrets. Why? Because it was through  our struggles that I learned the beauty of life in itself. My dad the great thinker, showed me a way of life that I will forever cherish. Why is this side story important? Because one day I decided If I couldnt afford to buy holiday cards, or gifts for my mom, dad, and brothers that they still deserved to be acknowledged. So I began snagging my oldest brothers printing paper 😀 and making cards for them. It started one year for christmas. 🙂  I drew each member a unique christmas photo and naturally, a poetic verse. This brought mom to tears. It warmed dads heart. Two months later, mom and dad had an anniversary. I again drew a picture of their three children, and another poetic paragraph dedicated to their special day. Mom and dad shared a happy look that day. I was already a musican from birth, But to them I had one more trait. Something they did not share with me. A month later, on Valentines day, mom and dad approached me with a gift. They smiled excitedly and waited for me to open it. My first journal. ‘Your so good at writing your cards. I’d love to see what you can do with that notebook.’ Mom said. I hopped up with such a greatfulness I nearly cried. For days they saw me writing, and writing. The closer I got the the end of a book, another came. So I wrote, and I wrote. I created a book. Hundreds of journals. One day, I became discouraged, and I stopped, cold turkey. I grew. Moved out. Left my journals behind. Mom and dad never forgot. Infact, mom was convinced one day when I was ready, I would pick it up again. Unfortunately, I was not ready soon enough. Mom passed away with a myocardial infarction March of 2010. Upon this fall of our dynasty, I tried to keep dads head up. It worked. For a while. Until, a year later after mom passed, there was a house fire. In that day, dad lost it all. My journals….. gone. A book series…. lost. Lets fast forward. About four years ago, I bumped into someone who knew my writing very well. They said something that triggered the thought. ‘Yup why haven’t I written that book?’  Well  I decided it was time to recreate. Have I ever mentioned recreating is no easy feat. Long story shortened. I spend my time, and energy building my blog. My online journal. Because, I know what its like to fall through the cracks, but I also know what its like to get back on track. And to you my readers, I rebuild my skills in front of you consistently.  This is a piece of a story about a girl who agaisnt all odds, continues to build with all the bricks that everyone has thrown at her. As I reflect off this sweet memory, I also hope you enjoy it too. In a world where there are neglected talents, and people, despite the odds, I had it in me. Just like all of you.”

Happy Anniversary!!! (To me 😉 ) and thank you all for simply reading.

My apologies for any errors or typos. Tonights post is written courtesy of the tablet. My tablet sure loves. Those typos. Have a great weekend.

With love: Rareity

19 thoughts on “An Anniversary Achieved

  1. Ashley Camden says:

    Wow that was amazing! I too have a mountain of journals, though none of them are actual stories they are what I went through growing up. Thank you for writing your story! It was encouraging and inspiring!!!!

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  2. farguslarbis says:

    That was so inspiring!! Thank you for sharing that personal slice of your experience. It’s a reminder that we all have things to overcome, and things that are negative can have a positive outcome. Keep writing…you do it well.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Just Jude says:

    Happy Anniversary! I’m proud that you’ve picked up where you left off so long ago. I think (just me talking) that every word you write is read by your parents. You may not see them, but they see you and are so very proud. Proud of You!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Rareity says:

      I’ve learned a lot actually. Between all the varieties of good reads and trial and error with my own posts I have learned a lot. I will say this for sure I LOVE LOVE LOVE WordPress


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