Perception is Key

How we look at the world, says a lot about us. This is not a bad thing. Take the below image for example.


What do you see?

Some may see a chalice, others may see two faces.

The Key: the perception of the person.

The world has many parallels. Why? Because every single person living on it has a different view of perception. For example. Let’s say YOU my readers, are sitting together in the great outdoors, or a writing conference, or a spa, or a school ground. As we experience an event, we will all process it differently. The power of perception is unique. Siblings will grow up in the same household, with the same parents, and still grow up with a different view of their upbringing. We all see the world so unique and different, it causes us all to have a different sight, memory processing, and stereotypes.

I mention stereotypes because, I have also seen images on social media that state; you never know who your categorizing based on looks. The image shown was a little girl with a male holding flowers behind his back. In the photo the man looked creepy and scary, looming over her, but in the shadow behind them, he had an angel halo, wings and a beautiful smile. This is a perfect example. On the flip side, no this image should not encourage opening your heart, and arms to anyone. You never know what dangers are looming in the shadows. However, it was a great example of how we can often categorize someone based on their looks.

This post is not just about looking at people, but at the world around us. I suppose what makes every individual precious, is that our minds can see things from a different perspective, even though we have just experienced the same event.


Subject 1: saw a wallet being lifted out of someone’s pocket, and that was the big event for them.

Subject 2: saw a boyfriend and girlfriend kissing near the bushes, and that was the event for them.

Subject 3: saw what was happening in the sky, and that was the event for them

Subject 4: saw a kid playing with a remote control car, and that was the event for them.


Here is the point: let’s take a crime for example; it doesn’t matter how many people witness it because everyone’s memory will be different from one another. Not many people are expert observers, memory athletes, or investigators. There are writers in the world, musicians, scientists, firemen, etc. everyone has their calling.

The line test; three lines versus four lines:

Many see four, many see three, and some see both on each side. The difference lays within the eye of perception, position, and thought process at the time of occurrence. Therefore, it is hard to make a snap judgement before stepping back and observing people, situations, and circumstances.

In conclusion, I would like to say one last thing. As we all look at the world differently, we all learn, live, and process differently as well. Thought of the day: next time you see someone walking past you, maybe their dressed odd, or look mad, or seem bitter. Try to think outside the box. Maybe it’s a woman who is in sweats because she’s pregnant and nothing fits her. Maybe a male just got off work doing construction all day, and is so utterly tired he can’t think of anything but getting home to rest. My favorite thing to do to a stranger who looks disheveled: Smile. It brightens theirs and your day. They always smile back.

See that light, and treat them as if it’s all you see 😉

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