A Moment of Impact

First I would like to start this post out with my apologies. It’s been a while. I have missed you greatly. Have you missed me? 😀 I have been very busy recently and out of touch. Sometimes that’s ok. Life happens. It’s summer!!! I’m enjoying the world right now. Don’t get me wrong, I sure love all of you (My readers) but life awaits with the beautiful growth and world awake.

Life is a funny little concept don’t you think? We humans go through many struggles. I suppose what makes them interesting is how we deal with them. The moment of impact is quite a strain… it is the very minute that everything changes. How we react to it will affect a million futuristic moments.


Because in life when we experience trauma, we also sometimes react harshly to it. This trauma doesn’t have to be severe trauma, it can be any type of misadventure. We take things out on the people around us. We may say things we don’t mean, hurtful, hateful wrongful types of things because sometimes in life, we face challenges. Up’s and down’s are common. Often, as humans we strive to get better. Whether it’s making ourselves better, or our current circumstances better. Challenges may be brought on from the outer world as well. When these things happen; such as a friend, family member, pet, coworker, etc. make you angry, do something that was wrongful towards you, or maybe a drunk driver hits you while you’re driving home from work, injuring you physically for the rest of your life. This physical trauma can create emotional trauma.

What’s worse Physical or emotional pain?

Take a moment to ponder…… Where does your strength, and courage come from?…….


Our inner selves


Now think about it…….If the outside world causes the obstacle that is in your path does it hurt you, or are you hurting yourself because of the emotional strain?


Are you allowing yourself to be hurt by it?


Inner versus outer

Do difficulties affect us in a physical, or inner way, or both?


You see, our emotional state determines the impact of the strain that we encounter.

Whether it be a friend who disappoints you, a family member who breaks your heart, animals, etc. No matter what, or who, in the grand scheme of things, “Because we remember how people made us feel, we will be impacted by the strain.” (Mentioned by me before. See previous posts.)

The outer world whether its physical or emotional, or financial strain, does have an impact on your thought processes, and how you react to futuristic circumstances.

The question is: What do you choose to do about it?

There are many methods that can keep a person’s head above water. However, the point of this post is merely to ask…

Does physical and emotional strain go hand in hand?

I would love to give you my answer now, but then I’d be giving it away. I’ll make you a deal… let me hear yours 😉 and once I’ve gotten ten of you lovely reader’s answers, I will shed mine: D

With love: Rareity

9 thoughts on “A Moment of Impact

  1. Dash McCallen says:

    “Do difficulties affect us in a physical, or inner way, or both?”
    **Both** Stress causes a release of hormons that cause inflamation of tissues, the old saw “Stress killed him” is accurate enough for this discussion. A person can have an induced heart attack.
    “physical and emotional strain go hand in hand?”
    I can only point out how some of the best of us after enduring unimaginable trauma and stress, can and do turn to drugs or drink. Strain the body too much, it seeks comfort eventually. Even if it is in a beer bottle. (or your fave drink/drug/medication there)

    I have had times where I have tried to shoot myself with my arrows. Thus far I have missed. It works on a video game, but very difficult to do in real life and make it look like an accident.
    So I work on telling my stories, something I am compelled to do, I write them anyway- released or not. You get to see inside of worlds that evolve, live and die in seconds or days. I try to get them in the computer before they fade away like those great old movies you can *almost* remember from back in the day.

    that’s what I do with stress…
    Not counting my archery. That is fun, really. Come shoot with me.

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  2. Nicodemas says:

    There is pain worse than physical. It depends or varies on what type and how much. My faith helps a great deal and grounds me. I can see things better with it. The love of my wife and being in nature, can be great ways of bringing healing.

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