Where did Manners go These Days?

OK I know I haven’t posted in a while but, I have something weighing on me that I would like to express. My apologies if I offend any of you. That is not my intention whatsoever.

Have any of you ever heard the term “Mind your manners.”

When I was a kid, I remember mom snapping at us in restaurants for looking at people, staring, and watching people eat. Ok moral value. Right?


As I’ve aged, and I teach my children this same moral value, it irks the living bleep out of me how people my parents age, or older don’t follow this moral.

I’m sorry… My belief is:

  • You mind your own business in public settings.
  • Have respect for others boundaries.
  • Mind your own plate/manners.

Why?  Do I have a huge bill board above my head stating FREAK SHOW HERE TONIGHT!!! ….NO!!!!

It’s rude, crude, and inappropriate to spend an entire 50 minute experience staring at somebody without hesitating to make sure they know you’re staring.

Mom used to say, “It’s not polite to stare.” Great ethic I believe.

Nowadays, I see people her would be age now, and even older disregarding this moral as if it’s OK to make people feel uncomfortable in public. No one likes to be watched while they eat. Point blank. It makes for an extremely unpleasant experience.

This may not be something everyone was taught. However, I’m stating it publicly: I personally do not appreciate the lookie loo’s treating me like I’m on display at the museum.

The majority of the time, people just want to enjoy an experience outside of home. That is all. We are not a movie, TV show, nor carnival act to entertain others for their dinner. I hope this post doesn’t come off angrily, or mean, or rude… I’m pretty heated at the moment. I spent a day out-of-town, and came home late meaning a second out of home meal. Both experiences have me questioning, what the worth of going out to eat truly is?

So much MSG intake in food these days (I feel spoiled from eating at home so much) I felt like I was overloaded in sodium, while everybody and their mother watched me closely with dirty looks.

  • Why are people like this?
  • Why do they do this?
  • Do they realize their doing it?
  • Do they realize their being rude?
  • Do they think it’s harmful, innocent?

I cannot stand to ask a waiter/waitress for something, and never get it. Who can relate there?

I came home and had the same experience. I’d say, “Grumble, grumble, grumble.” This Lady is bugged.

It takes great wisdom, inner strength and resolve to bite your tongue, and  bite the bullet while it’s happening… That I do know. With the respect and morals I was brought up with, I know better. It may bug me, and I may give you the look of, “You’re being inappropriate right now.” But not be rude. What I find horribly rude, is being the person who sees you’re aggravating someone, yet continues to engage their nerves. How can someone deliberately continue to violate another’s personal boundaries, after seeing how frustrated it’s making them?

To change-up this post, now that I’ve vented, Let’s hear your thoughts!!!

  • What are your epic restaurant failures and disasters?
  • What are your restaurant ideals, morals, and manners?

I can say with confidence that I am not the only one.

I’m honestly looking for some answers here readers. Maybe this post will open my stream again, and i’ll post more but, I want to hear your responses to the above questions.

Also, you can admit to me if I am:

  1. Being overrated?
  2. Overreacting?
  3. Justified/ Unjustified?
  4. Etc.

What would you do in these situations, how would they make you feel?

With love: Me 😉


4 thoughts on “Where did Manners go These Days?

  1. jetgirlcos says:

    I definitely agree with you on this one! My pet peeves are similar to Tessa’s regarding children. In fact, I see too much of that kind of behavior in all kinds of public places! I was taught that there were times and places to play and other times and places to be polite and quiet. If I got them mixed up somehow, my parents would have done what you do and remove me from the situation until I understood. I remember my mom doing this once, and only once, because I learned! I think I was 5 or 6, so that’s how big of an impact it made!

    As far as restaurant service goes, I prefer to not be bothered during my meal once I have received it unless I get their attention to ask for something. My biggest pet peeves are servers who come over and ask “how’s everything tastin’ ?” (usually when my mouth is full, and yeah, they always cut off the “g” on “tasting”) but they really don’t want to know, and those who rush me and try to take plates away before everyone is finished, or even worse, coming and asking if we are “done yet.” The best servers seem invisible, but yet I never lack anything I need, and the timing of the meal is perfect. For me to enjoy going out, either the food needs to be pretty spectacular, something I definitely couldn’t have at home, or I go because of the people who invited me. Great post, it’s sometimes a good thing to be able to rant a little bit 🙂

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  2. Tessa says:

    I can’t stand children running around and carrying on. I can’t stand children that cry the whole time. I hate children that climb over the back of the booth and stare at you or sit there kicking the booth back.

    I hate rude waiters and waitresses. Ones that can’t be bothered to see if you need something and certainly the ones you asked for something and don’t bring it. I hate it when they don’t write down the order and screw it up.

    I don’t think you are over-reacting at all.

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    • Rareity says:

      I would wrangle my kid if they did that… That drives me nuts too!! Those are definitely a lack of manners. I’m the parent that once the kid slips up, we go sit outside in the car while everyone eats, or until they realize their losing out, and want to go back in behaving.

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