How your thought process affects your life

Life isn’t always easy. We have our struggles. All of us do. I suppose that’s what wears every single one of us down. Emotionally, physically, mentally you’re slowing down. This can be seen badly, it can be seen as good. The difference truly lies in the perception of this statement.

I know I don’t always, but sometimes I divulge.

While we venture into the winter months, times get harder, cooler, and darker. Sometimes it might seem like it gets tough, but aren’t we now starting to end our beautiful summer? An indication that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

You see, that’s the beauty of life. We create our journey through our choices. Whether we have good times or bad times, we make our prints. Unfortunately, we as humans tend to focus on the negative first and foremost. However, you change your thoughts and you change your life.

Let’s get personal:
I have to admit not counting my entire lifetime, in a small five years, I lost a lot of things/people/experiences/a way of life/ to a huge series of transitions. “It’s not how hard you fall, but how tall you stand when you get up.
Everyone will experience trauma, sadness and even turmoil in their lives. That’s not always a bad thing and this is why.

Look back to when you entered the tunnel….

Probably a bit more naive, unknowing, inexperienced. You may be scarred and you may be bruised but today you stand stronger than the day it began. Even through the struggle, you’re doing what you gotta do.

Change is a funny little concept:

  1. One has to be comfortable with change to truly handle life wouldn’t you say?
  2. It sneaks up on you.
  3. No matter how well you think you are, you’re never prepared for it.
  4. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad, we don’t get to choose.

(Feel free to respond because you my reader know I love hearing from you. Even if you’re a reader on another site, those comments receive dialogue. Ever most intriguing.)

You see, if you focus on these thoughts in a negative manner then you will suffer more negative repercussions. If you focus on the positive aspects then you have more positive experiences. Yes, don’t get me wrong, when it comes to grief and loss, nothing truly makes that better, not time, not company, not anything because nothing, no one, or anything can fill those shoes that no longer hold their feet. These are irreplaceable losses that beat down on us a lot.  These inevitable experiences truly test you. “Sink or swim.”  You’re not prepared for a transition ever because you don’t really know what to expect until the change has been made. Personally that is why I put so much weight into my decisions.

I know you all haven’t been seeing me as consistently lately, but that doesn’t mean I’m disappearing. As you’ve seen I’ve started posting more, and they will grow. My summer simmering down. Oh how I’ve missed it.

Always: Rareity

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