Have you ever wondered 

Have you ever wondered

Where my day would’ve gone

Just to be able to speak to you

Where would I be ; If I had your advice to seek

If heaven had phones , I’d call you everyday 

Every time I needed helped, You’d be by my side to stay 

Almost at a breakdown

So lost, so dark, and confused.

Some days I’m at a stint 

Simply … I just refuse

If heaven had a passage , To visit those I love.

Then maybe thing wouldn’t be so bad 

The tears would not pour down.

I just want mom and dad 

That’s all I ever want

Someone has to be there 

To tell me; What should I do

Instead  I’m lost without the safety jacket 

My surroundings create large wrackets 

Forever changed by misfortune 

A never ending story 

I’ll close my eyes and remember thy 

Everything you left behind

And when the clouds shift through the sky

I’ll remember the shadows you instilled in my mind.

© Rareity. August 12th 2015

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