An Extension of Crystals Tale and SOW (Sprouts of Wisdom)

Sandy sat in her room moping all day because she’d felt slighted by the world. Her mother tore at her about how terrible her art was, and her lack of talent. While in school, her friends did the same thing. She’d felt as though nothing could go right in her life, and why should she try to make it any better.

Jane walked past Sandy’s room, and noticed this demeanor. She couldn’t help but worry.

“Sandy come and eat.” Jane told her.

Sandy chose to not come. Later that day, Jane had made a special treat knowing Sandy wouldn’t resist.

“Who wants a strawberry fruit parfait?”

“I DO, I DO!” Crystal, and her brothers yelled. But, Sandy still did not come. Something was wrong, and at that point Jane knew it. Countless hours Jane tried to find someone she could seek advice from about it. She turned up unlucky. She asked a medical friend about it and it felt better. Upon constant worry, Jane finally closed her eyes and cried. Tears pouring down her cheeks “My daughter is trying to kill herself isn’t she?”

Jane then sat up and closed her eyes. She dug deep, and prayed on it. She managed to tap into wisdom passed down to her from previous generations. Suddenly she felt the pulsing of thoughts coming into her mind.

This time, Jane walked straight into Sandy’s bedrooms and asked, “What’s going on. What is your issue?” At first Sandy resisted. “Nothing.”

Jane gave her a blank stare. “Sandy! What’s your issue?”

Sandy with an oops now-she-means-business look on her face said, “Well I guess just want to be treated different.”

“OK tell me why?” Jane said. Sandy avoided at all cost to tell her Stepmother what was really going on. This time, Jane was bound and determined. She kept pushing. Finally, after pushing Sandy admitted that her biological mother had on many occasions told her she was bad at everything she tried, and her friends were also telling her she did everything wrong.

“Ah.” Jane responded with understanding. Sandy looked at Jane with hopeful tears. A calming essence coming over her. She knew what was next. Jane was about to tell her one of those stories again. Crystal and Sandy enjoy these stories a lot because they weren’t like grandpa’s back-in-the-day stories. They were filled with adventure, emotion, and reality.

When I was young, I had plenty of haters too. In fact, I had dreams, goals and ambitions that were crushed every day. I lost some things because of a fight with a friend. I lost a huge dream like that. But the very bottom line dear, is that you will always have people telling you that you suck, and guess what, in reality they are telling you that because they are scared you’ll be successful.

After the story, Sandy sat a little taller and more alert. She was happy again. Even back to her usual perky self. After Jane had encouraged her to reflect, she sent Sandy to her room to draw her a picture of the reflection. 😀 she gave Sandy another nudge in the right direction.

The moral of this story is:

In life we all have haters. People who want to see us fail. It is because they are threatened, intimidated, or just plain straight out don’t like us. The point is, none of us can be perfect at everything, and we all have our passions. So despite all the banter, keep going. Keep doing you.

I know I generally spend more time in my short stories, but today this post is dedicated to the combo of short story and sprouts of wisdom. You see, I was browsing along social media and saw this amazing post related to my short story, and decided to cut my story short.


Because this video I found comes with the same message. A beautiful message. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks about you or your talent. It doesn’t matter how rich, or poor you are. Happiness comes from following your passion. Whether 1 out of every 3 people hate what you do, keep doing what you love. Because it’s who you are.


Remember: “It isn’t what others say you are that makes you who you are. It is what you do. Your choices and your actions that create your soul.”

Click for Part 4


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