A Struggle for People Recovering from Addiction

Alright readers, I’m opening up the/my criteria. Often, I find myself spreading my SOW (Sprouts of wisdom) into daily moments of my life. When I’m scrolling through social media, I see friends of mine and sometimes strangers posting about their struggles. I generally opt to share my words with them. However, tonight a brilliant idea came into my mind. I spend a lot of my time thinking of my readers and how much you enjoy my SOW posts. I want to expand on them. This means I’m going to open up a column that is dedicated to you my readers. Many of us have struggles in our daily lives. Whether getting divorced, recovering from addiction, healing from grief, etc. We all have moments that involve a total and complete breakdown. Why? Because life is one giant rollercoaster of emotions. Nothing makes me happier than shedding slight words of wisdom onto people when they are down in the dumps. Why? Because I’ve been there. I know the hurt, to feel broken and shattered. From these experiences, I have learned…I have grown.  I am going to have a link up top with the rest of my links and you will be able to submit inquiries, scenarios and seek advice. You will remain anonymous. This doesn’t mean I will stop all my other writings and musings, but an extension of what I already do.

“If one has a gift, why not share it with the world?”

This evening upon viewing my feed, I came across a friend who posted about a struggle involving friends, and recovering from addiction. I’d like to share the query, and my response not out of pride, but to inspire any of my readers out there who struggle with this situation, and help them grow in their situation.

My apologies: If any wording used offends you in any way. It is not my intention. I felt I owed it to the inquirer to post their exact words. 


Is it not funny how quick friends (homies) disappear when you tell them you don’t drink or drug anymore? In 10 seconds you get a whole life story of excuses why they have to go! Ala Kazaam and Boom the houdinis vanish into thin air! &*%^ it there’s a lot of information to research and learn and intelligent new friends to make! The Vato Loco days are over for me!!! I already lived MI Vida Loca three times over! I’ll leave that to the pinche Chavalas!!!


To be honest, as a recovering anything… the last thing you need is people like that in your life… they might think their abandoning you… but their only doing you a favor…. your social group is what either enables you or pushes you… with that said. Your venturing onto a new path best thing you can do is, find new friends. The kind of people who don’t drink and party. Because that’s what you need now


In reality, when you are trying to make a transformation it means letting go of everything that has hindered you in the past. One cannot move on from a broken leg, if they hold onto their crutch. Therefore, changes must be made. The biggest key factor in anything you want to change, is knowing and understanding that there will have to be some letting go. I have much faith that in this scenario, once John finds a positive group of friends, his life will enter that world as well. The best of luck to you John and thank you for sharing your query.

With love: Rareity.

4 thoughts on “A Struggle for People Recovering from Addiction

  1. Walter says:

    You are so right on this Rareity! The only way to go is forward and letting go of the harmful! This sometimes means having to surrender all that was and move forward!

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  2. Primroar says:

    This was so inspiring! I have had many struggles in my life and someone that is so willing to give advice to help people is a thing you seldom see. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to get advice to move on after these struggles.

    Liked by 1 person

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