Struggles of Parenthood


Some of the decisions I’ve had to make in my life have been so hard and hurt me deeply. Some pains I’m learning just don’t go away. The most I can hope for right now is that some of the pains I still carry will fade. I think I deserve a little break from it all. I’m so tired with some of the things that still haunt me.

— feeling sad


Carly, you are a strong and motivated woman. As I watch you go through your struggles, I see that you have three young girls to take care of now, on your own. For many woman, this is a shared experience, for others, you are a hero. The choice you made was not easy, nor will it ever be. It’s the fact that you stick to your decision that shows your strength. “Success is measured by how far you’re willing to go.” You made huge strides towards your goals, and whether or not being with the father of your children was part of those goals, you did what was right for you. Not all pains go away. That is true. The one thing that they do is help tailor us, and develop who we are. You are not the same person you were when you began this journey, and your wounds are what make you beautiful in your own heart. One day, when your three young girls grow up, and are so heavily empowered that they make great strides themselves in life, you will then reap the benefits of your choices today. I hope this helps.

I have a lot of faith that everything will fall perfectly into place for you. Yes, things are going to be tough at first. You are going through the beginnings of this transition. Not to mention, three at once. It is not easy to have a newborn, while your oldest is starting school, and you’re going through a split. Personally, I am going through several transitions currently as well. They are nerve-wracking, exciting, and sad all at the same time. Know this: Keep your head up, and before you know it, you’re going to look back and realize. Wow! I handled that.


Breaking it down:

In a general sense, whether a woman is being abused, neglected, or cheated on, etc. the bottom line is always the same. If we allow the abuse to continue, the abuser will always do so. At some point, we all have our limits. Whether it be a male or female who’s taking all the stress, they can only take so much before they throw in their towel. We must always do what’s right for us. Otherwise, we get lost in the chaos. In a relationship it’s important for both parties to take care of each other. Communication, understanding, compassion, listening, genuineness, and empathy are just some of the main important traits of a healthy relationship. If those traits are lacking, then so is the relationship. Hence, making decisions is one of the toughest things for a partnership to do. I have a lot of appreciation for those that have to make these choices.

In the end…“Do what’s right for you.”

As for your kiddos.  Give yourself a break. You just had a newborn, and once these transitions settle down, so will everything else. Raising kids is no easy feat, and three on your own makes you a superwoman. Take comfort in knowing there are mothers out there with six or more that are gracefully pushing themselves through the world. These girls will have an uttermost appreciation for their mother and how strong she is.

At that point: You then will be able to enjoy “The fruits of your labor”.

With love: Rareity

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