Blogging is… Blogging 

I recently read a post from one of my readers titled “Bloggers make me sick.” She made some good points about the downfalls from both sides of the spectrum. Most people either complain to much about not getting enough attention, or complain for getting to much. There has to be a happy medium in there. 

I suppose it doesn’t bother me so much. I enjoy all the interactions I receive from my readers, and that’s awesome. I’ll sit here and conversate with you all day if  that’s how the conversations goes. Lives are busy. I also understand that we all don’t have time to notice posts so quickly. This summer alone, I was dropped off and didn’t have as much time as I would have liked. However, there were definitely a select few of you that sure appreciated when I did post 😀 and that was most definitely encouraging. If there is one thing I like to do is give credit where credit is due. Meaning, if another bloggers post sparked an idea in my head, I’m going to awknowledge that they did so. Seems fair enough right?

I enjoyed reading ritu’s blog because she made good points about blogging and how to be successful in blogging. Which inspired me to post about blogging as well

I think too many people look at blogging like the next biggest money making opportunity, but shouldn’t  blogging be something we authors do for fun? For practice? For the joy of writing? 

Why do I like blogging? Because I love writing, and the more you practice the better you get.  

My motto: have fun, enjoy what you do, and that’s all that matters. Whether your passion is music, science, history, math, computers, art, writing, etc. there will always be one out of every three people in the world that doesn’t like what you do. The bottom line, if what you do is fulfilling to you, Your on the right path.

In life, one thing that helps a person feel better about themselves is the feeling of productivity. Don’t ever be too hard on yourself for making an effort. We all take flight in this world trying to find ourselves, and that search is not easy. What matters the most is how graceful your personality is while you are on your journey of discovery. 

Be kind to others, live brave, take chances, and be bold. Be who you are, and take hold of your destiny with strength and wisdom. 😉 

Thanks ritu for the inspiration. Appreciated the read. 

With love: Rareity 

28 thoughts on “Blogging is… Blogging 

  1. Tessa says:

    I love blogging, but I also love writing stories and poems. My blog ultimately gets them, but it does take time to catch up with reading. I am close to 1000 followers on my 2 blogs now.

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  2. thespiritkeepers says:

    If you have too much attention cut back. If you don’t have enough there are ways to get more attention. I have one person that gets ideas from my post most of the time and when you go on his blog there they are my ideas done in a different way of writing and sometimes exact words that were in my poetry. I just leave it to Spirit to deal with and he will trip. Be well my friend

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    • Rareity says:

      see I refuse to still ideas… I’ll refer but not steal…Sorry for late response had to pop out for physical therapy. A general idea I think is OK but when your talking it straight from the source, then there may e an issue there.

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      • thespiritkeepers says:

        Some people think it is not a problem to do that. I figure they are prolific so ideas don’t come to them easily hence creatively borrowing from other. Some people have no morals or values to them. Thanks for replying to my rant lol

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      • Rareity says:

        Well I hate to see my words in others. I’m prolific so if I take an idea I’m not gonna quote you I’m going to use the general idea. True writers are themselves. You’d think people would want to be unique. That’s what I strive for

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      • thespiritkeepers says:

        As I do. I titled my poem Death of A soul and published it and someone came to me not to take it down but said the content was similar in ideas not saying I stole them. He asked me to look at his poem. The only idea that was vaguely there was at the end and it was a stretch to tie that one in. I felt I did not copy the title from him and well the ideas were not his they were mine. I didn’t take the title down. He did not ask me to and if he did because I did not copy from him I would’ve not taken the title down.

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      • Rareity says:

        Ok I’ll say I’ve stumbled upon some blogs where I’m like what! Is this the topic of the week and the universe has us all synced or coincidence… It’s a strange thing to ponder


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