Parenting, and what it means to you.

Alright readers the book is coming. I know you’ve enjoyed my poetry, and probably miss it. However, I’ve been working diligently on a poetry book, with some of my poems from here but completely edited. However, there will be lots of new stuff too. I’m in the process of getting the book approved, and working on the cover photo but you will soon be able to access this book through my blog. I will soon set up a hover link that offers a book site. I truly appreciate all the patience I get from all of you, and it inspires me greatly. I will be releasing the Title of the book within the next few days, once the publishing process begins. I’m extremely excited, and hope all you lovely readers of mine may appreciate that coming out. I am still in the process of working on two other novels but for now I’m always your blogger 😉

Today, my thoughts are in a chaotic mess. I have so much going on in my mind, I’m not even sure what to write about other than how crazy it is to finalize a book.

I have received some advice inquiries recently, and I will be answering them soon. I want to thank those of you who have been submitting. It’s truly amazing that you’re enjoying it.

Today, I’m going to speak shortly about parenting:

What does the word parent mean to you?

To me, it is someone who no matter what happens in life, has your back no matter what, loves you unconditionally, and supports all your endeavor’s.

I noticed a teenage girl and her mother yesterday arguing at the grocery store. They were bickering about how she couldn’t have a choice between crackers or celery. The girl wanted celery because she likes it with peanut butter. The mother wanted her to have crackers because it’s a better snack for her.


OK no offense, but heck if you want celery with peanut butter be my guest. What a healthy choice you’ve made. Want the crackers too, since your being smart about your choices. I’d say you’ve earned a little extra.

Again, I can’t say anyone is wrong in this situation other than, I noticed the teenager getting more and more flustered with her mother. “Why can’t I choose my snack?” “Why are you always making me take your choices for me?”  “Don’t I get a say?”

These are some serious questions coming from a teen.

It made me reflect back onto my teenage, and young adult days. Mom and dad did let us have the easy way out where choices or decisions were concerned. I was always responded to with “Well… what do you think you should do.”

“Ugh!! I just asked you what I should do though.”

“As long as you are doing right by you, follow your dreams, and your goals, it is not my place to tell you who you should be. It’s not my life your paving it is your own.”

With that said, It is because of those very words my father once said, that have made me who I am, For that I will always value him.

I believe that parents should give children small choices like the crackers or celery in the store. Why?

Because if they are not allowed to make simple small choices like that all their life, what is going to happen when it comes to making serious decisions later in life. They’re not going to know how. Most likely they will need someone to make those decisions for them.

How many of you readers out there have an opinion about this?

How many of you think choices are important for kids to learn responsible decision-making?
“It takes a lot of resolve as a parent to step back and let your child be who they are.”

Oh and you better believe it’s a raw strength that you must tap into. I’ve got a kiddo so strong-minded that there is no telling her what she can and can’t do. I love that about her. Why? Because she doesn’t let people take her for granted. She doesn’t fall for peer pressure. She makes me proud.

Parents are meant to be the guiding light in your darkest moments. As dad used to say… “You give them their own rope to climb with, that goes only so far. Leave them be while their figuring it out, only when you see them slip and fall do you reel them back in a bit.”

This ever so contemplative moment he shared with me, spoke volumes. It told me how important it is to let your kids grow and learn to be something, without being told what they should be or how to do it. I made my own mistakes growing up, and didn’t get scolded for them. Instead, was told “You live and learn. Now you know”

Thanks to dad, I raise the same way. I feel I’ve gained some great morals from mom and dad and I do my best to shed that wisdom upon the kiddos. Life is just one huge lesson to learn. It helpful when those who surround you encourage you to learn it.

For all my readers who interact, now you have some questions to answer. The floor is open. 😀 looking forward to what I hear

With Love: Rareity

17 thoughts on “Parenting, and what it means to you.

  1. Ngobesing Romanus says:

    This is a great post for parents. Parenting indeed is very challenging. Many people in do not possess good knowledge on good parenting because it is hardly taught in school, at least in my country, and so they start parenting through trial and error. Before they know it they have made great mistakes which do no good to their children, their families and the society. Your post is thus precious material.

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  2. Harlon says:

    I am not a parent, but you are a powerful and potent writer and you have created a great posting, and although not a parent, I am a caregiver and I find your question very provocative and important: “It takes a lot of resolve as a parent to step back and let your child be who they are.”
    Thanks for your insightful contribution to my day and to my practice. Peace, Harlon

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      • Rareity says:

        I do see some of my teachings making it into my kids morals that’s gotta say something right? But s Tessa mentioned earlier, I would ask a lot “why do you let me do more stuff. My friends can barely go potty without permission.” 😀 and told ” well your mom and I won’t be there Ok forever. You gotta learn your own responsibilities, and consequences for your own actions.” I would reply “well why do you trust me then?” “Because you haven’t given us a reason not to.” That shadow will live on forever. It taught me some very core lessons. Hehe sorry about the rant

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  3. Tessa says:

    I taught my son that whatever you do has consequences whether good or bad. You make the choice, you live with the consequence. To this day he still talks about that. He almost didn’t graduate high school because of his choices. Then he wanted to and I told him you got some talking and begging to do better get busy. We found out the night before that he was graduating.

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