Did I just meet Jimminy Cricket?

Did I just meet Jimminy Cricket?

It’s my 31st birthday, and I’m headed out for a quiet lunch date With the family. As we all loaded into the car, I notice a small creature sitting perched on my car windowsill, while I was backing out.

“What the… Are you going for a ride with us?” I spoke out.

“Who are you talking to?” My partner asked.

“Look! In my window it’s a grasshopper, and he’s looking at me ooooie.”

Everyone looked around searching for the little guy, and started to laugh as he sat determined on his seat. I pulled fully out and stopped,

“Alright, Mr. Grasshopper here’s your chance to hop off…” I got nothing. So I continued, “Are you ready for this? Here we go.”

And for anyone who knows me close enough, knows I’m pretty humorous when it comes to situations like this. Naturally, I busted out my commentary for the grasshopper.


“This isn’t so bad their going slow.”

I drove to the stop sign down the street slowly. As soon as I reached the end, I looked over to the hopper and said, “OK dude this is where the ride gets rough.”


“Whoa! …I can feel the heavy breeze in my antenna and omg!! Ahhhhhhh ….whoah whoah whoah.”

I got to the next stop sign and slowed to a stop. Beginning the journey to the main road.

Hopper: “OH MY GAWD!!!! Ahhhhhhh!…”

The grasshopper started grasping with his left hand around the door frame. And slowly edged himself closer to my window to hold on tighter. At this point were all amazed that he is still hanging on. We made so many stops at stop signs, he had plenty of chances to pop off.

“Why is he still on?” I asked.

“He probably has a family to go home to.” My partner responded.”

“Oh right…he probably needs to go grocery shopping or something.”

Still he looked so cool with his antenna flying in the wind. He looked at me a few times.

“There’s a human talking to me.”

“This is the best ride EVER!!”


We reached our destination and stopped. I took one more look at the hopper who at that point I thought maybe he’s traumatized, but he was… after a few moments of frozen nothing, the hopper turned to face me, the freakiest thing I’d ever seen, he leaned up on the window and with his right front leg waved to me.

“Thanks for the ride!”

As I did this commentary for the family they laughed in pure joy, but the best part for all of us was seeing the grasshopper wave goodbye.

“OK Mr. grasshopper have fun at the grocery store, meet back here in about thirty minutes. Otherwise you’re not gonna have a ride home.”

Everyone let out another joyful laugh. He hopped off my door and gone he was. Such a strange experience.

When we were finished eating, we walked back out. I noticed the hopper was back, and waiting for us.

“Hey Mr. Hopper how was the grocery store? You ready to go?”

We all got in the car and I turned it on. “Clink.” I hear the force of a landing hopper. I looked at my partner with a goofy smile and thought.

“Here we go again.”

Here’s the thing? Was this a strange coincidence, or a message sent from above? That I’ll never know.

How often in our lives do we experience strange subtleties like this?

Let me hear some of your short mini incidents 😉 Oh and tell me if my story telling of this was lame…. Sheesh I feel like I’m slacking: /

With love: Rareity

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