The Secret Power of Mom

This morning, as we pulled up to my youngest son #2’s school, I gave the older kiddos the breakdown. “OK guys your big kids, and this is a little kid school. When we take your brother inside, don’t go in, don’t play with toys, and don’t start getting crazy, because this isn’t your school.”

“OK.” they said excitedly back.

We had arrived a few minutes early, which meant waiting a little while inside. I hadn’t planned for that.


If it had been a quick in and out thing everything would have run smoothly. Especially with moms warning beforehand, BUT!  This morning began with a plot twist. Instead, of having the normal in and out, we had to wait for the sign in time. The clock kept ticking, kids growing more bored, .toys being eyed, and crack! They lost their patience. We now have three kids bored out of their minds, and wanting to play. :/ The question lays “Now how are we going to get them out?


When it was finally time to go, the kids were hooked on staying, and my partner couldn’t deal with the stress of it. However, I was trying my hardest to get my partner to back off and let me handle the situation. 🙂 Love him to pieces.

So, as they mingled a bit more, I walked up my oldest kid, and said, “Baby girl, do mamma a favor, and go wait right outside the door, don’t go to my car just wait outside right her and I’ll send little man #1 out.” She nodded her head in an Alright-I-got-you attitude and proceeded out the door. I looked at little man #1 and said,” Look ____ sister just left and she’s calling you.”

“Ugh! ___!” He said frustratingly. He was so upset that she had left him, he stomped out after her. As my partner looked at me strangely confused about what was going on, I didn’t give him a chance to ask and asked, “Did you say bye?”

“Yeah. Why?” He responded.

“Why don’t you go out with them, and I’ll say bye and be right out.”

“Uh…OK.” And then there were none.


That is how you turn a chaotic situation into a not so chaotic situation.

I call it the secret power of mom.

That moment when you realize, you got this and every other situation in the future right in the palm of your hand 😀 Well maybe. You can never know what to expect fully being a parent. Oftentimes, being a parent feels like walking on lava without the safety gear on.

I feel like being a mom comes with a lot of logic. There is a wisdom alone in knowing how to simmer down even your biggest kiddo of them all. Everyone knows dads just a big kid. 😉 If he wasn’t, then he’d be one boring dad.

I really do want to shed lots appreciation to all those active daddies in the world. A child will always remember how much you were there for them, how much you embarrassed them that one time back in middle school, or how many times you wiped the tears of your daughters face. Precious moments are worth being a little silly in the process too, don’t you think? 🙂

Thanks for reading!!!

With love Rareity

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