Been a while

its been a few days since I’ve blogged. I spent the weekend pretty sick. However, I was still able to achieve the privilege of being a guest on a podcast this past Sunday, and even though I sounded nasely, I still got the opportunity to be awknowledged somewhere other then here.  As soon as this podcast is up, I’ll be posting it for you all to hear. So let’s get to it shall we?

Think back: to more simpler times. Remember when? You were young and innocent? All those friends, loves, memories, and fond moments? 

Their something to hold onto right? 

Sometimes, we face challenges, we make choices, and decisions that change everything in our lives. Funny little thing about that… Is that we don’t realize that the choices  we make are the only ones that affects us directly. The choices of those closest to us also affect our life path. What if the two young lovers, that sat in the back  of class during math were destined to be, but one of them got involved with the wrong thing at the wrong time, and like poof begone they were no more. Maybe they are now fated to spend the rest of their lives unfulfilled, and lost without each other, or one moved on and found great love yet again and the other lost in the chaos. So many different outcomes can be of small things. A twisted, yet Grimm fate for these two meant to be youngins’ right? 

That’s just an example to help my point. However, it is true, something we don’t ever realize is that our universe around us is directly affected not just my us the individual, but those that are connected to us as well. It’s  funny how life takes its tole. How many of you readers ended up following your dreams?

Can you remember your youngest moment in life when you decided what you wanted to be in life?  What did you want to be? Did you achieve it?  If not, why didn’t you choose the route?   

What was the most outrageous memory you have growing up? 

I remember enjoying the ride on my brothers shoulders as I sat perched happily Bopping his head pretending to play drums…The ourptrageous part was when he chose to hop on his bike with me on them, and in an utterly mortified state I remember saying, “please don’t kill us, please don’t kill us, oh my gawd!”  But you know what… He busted out singing the circus song, and I couldn’t help but break out into pure joyous laughter. In that moment, my trust for my middle brother was built pretty bold. 

I’ve shared mine, won’t you share yours with me? 


20 thoughts on “Been a while

  1. Tessa says:

    My dad was always yelling about us running down the stairs. My sister sounded like an elephant clumping rapidly down the stairs. On this day their happened to be a roll of carpet at the bottom. If she walked it would be slow enough for her to see it, but she ran as usual and went flying over the carpet. My brother and I were crying it was so funny and it is making me cry right now LOL!

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  2. Opinionated Man says:

    I hope you are feeling better!

    My friend had a treehouse that was VERY high up. One day we decided jumping off the garage onto the trampoline wasn’t enough of a challenge so we started jumping from the treehouse onto it! Luckily I am alive today…

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