The Tree of Knowledge (Poem)

As the school year kicks into high gear, I’ll be taking on more of my fun projects with our youth. For those of you who have been with me for the long haul, you may remember me saying,

“My passion is to make a difference in the world.

                                                               Where does that start?

                                                                                 “The very core of our young minds.”

Today, I was given the privilege to work with teachers on a lovely project for their open house tomorrow night. As you can see, there are precious hand prints from 20 four-year old’s, and 9-10 teachers. Now, I may not be an amazing artist for the tree, but you can also see a poem next to it, courtesy of me. 🙂 I know you all have been waiting anxiously and at some points, I feel it as I’m posting. I know I should be giving you more, but I love building the hype… I’ve noticed recently that a lot more readers are tuning in, so if you’re not familiar with how my blog works, here is a little breakdown. In a writer’s life, I am the Jane of all trades, with one thing on mind.

    “To write for the pure joy of writing.”    <— Click quote to read related post.


Photo by Amanda Gordon

Photo by Amanda Gordon “The Tree of Knowledge”

The tree of knowledge holds the truth

A beautiful hymn of our precious youth

Slowly growing beyond their years

We see their sprouts through adornment and tears

These precious steps they take to proceed

With teachers and parents encouraging thee

A simple bliss of integrity

The future of our community

© Rareity 9-14-15

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