Pieces of Me (Short Story)

“You’ve always had the best of me.” Gina said to Finn. 

Finn looked at her with adornment and said, “I wish I’d never let that go.” 

They both looked down with slight dread. They hadn’t seen each other in years. Finn could feel his stomach wrenching at how nervous he was to see her again. They never imagined how it would feel, or what it would be like to be in the same vicinity again, and all he could do was stare into Her much older eyes. He noticed how she’d aged over the years, and couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she still remained.

There she was the love of his life, standing in the flesh before him. He’d lost her so long ago, that he couldn’t even begin to think this moment would ever happen. 

Gina smiled softly at him while he was trapped in his thoughts. He couldn’t help but notice that same twinkle fluttering behind her pupils that he’d remembered from so long ago. Finn reached for her hand and said, “shall we?” Gina accepted  his hand gracefully and replied, “we shall.” 

They  began to dance around the room with no music, but It didn’t matter to them because they were lost in each others arms. A perfect moment of bliss, they entwined once again.  “It breaks my heart, that this has to end.” Gina said wth a tear trickling down her  cheek. 

“Why does it even have to?” Finn asked. 

As the years went by, Finn and Gina had also moved on with their lives. Then it was easy. It was just about them, but now… It was complicated.  They could both feel their nerves bouncing back and forth like ping pong balls, but they  gave each other one last look deep into each other’s eyes, and broke the embrace. 

With utter dread, they both knew what would happen if they continued to hold on.  Finn gave Gina one last tug, and pulled her close. Peering deeply he moved in slowly for a kiss. Gina’s heart started raging. This moment she’d missed for so long. Finn stopped, putting his head down with a sigh. “I’m sorry… I just…” 

Her heart beating, ready to escape from her chest, she had nothing to say but, “Yeah.”

For if their story had gone differently, that embrace could have been theirs. Instead, they knew the inevitable fate. They had to let each other go. As Gina walked away, they held each other’s gaze. A moment in time only they would hold together.

Just a little something from a bigger piece I’m working on. 😉 ah fiction. Gotta love it. 


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