The Struggle is Real (SOW ; Poem)

It’s been a long haul. It’s not easy-going through a series of traumatic events I have endured these last six years. I suppose what makes my situation unique is that as dad used to say, ” when life shatters all your pieces, and you breakdown. Give yourself a moment. When your done, gather all your pieces, figure out where they go, and put them back together again.”

They may be wrinkled, cracked, and in dismay. The miracle of life is that those discrepancies are what make us who we are.  My goal with these sprouts of wisdom posts (SOW) isn’t just to brag about my parents, or their skills. In this world , a very challenging one indeed. I share these moments because I know what it’s like to be at my breaking point, and move past it for the sake of overcoming. I tend to grow teary eyed when I think of him, because I sometimes can’t bear the thought of losing someone so monumental in my life. A hero, you might say.

You see, every day I struggle with worries bearing on my mind.

  • My kids don’t get the Luxury of having grandparents in their lives.
  • My middle bro who I adored so greatly growing up, struggles with addiction issues.
  • My oldest bro we talk often, but he lives far away. My kids miss him, they ask about him everyday, and I sure as heck miss a good visit from him.
  • I don’t have matriarchal support to guide me. I figure that stuff out on my own.
  • My fathers wisdom lost, through his passing. I no longer have that guidance as well.
  • Some days I don’t even know if I’m going anywhere, or just living to die. (A worry I’m sure many of you have.)
  • My partners family doesn’t take much part in our lives. They refuse to visit us, yet expect us to lug the huge Calvery all over the states to visit them. Logic: less of them , more of us. You do the math.
  • Etc.

I’m going to confess: these points leave me insecure. I know I don’t divulge and I avoid it at all costs. When I read some of the other blogger posts, I see your stories, and reach outs and become inspired.

The thing is: I’ve been through a lot.  If my stories touch even one persons soul, then I have achieved my goal.

Life is a struggle.  The reality is, we all have one.

Here’s what I think:

We spend our lives finding ourselves

Swaying softly inside our souls

Milestones in our reality

We search for those commonalities

Breakdowns comes and tears will flow

Life is tender and so is our goal.

Warring against biological time

Our lives slipping right on by

Those simple moments we create in mind

Will untimely be our ultimate vine.

© 💐Rareity💐 9-16-15

8 thoughts on “The Struggle is Real (SOW ; Poem)

  1. Dorinda Duclos says:

    Kudos to you for exhaling! Know that we are all here to listen. So many of us go through rough times and keep it inside. The first part of healing is breathing, letting it out. Your Dad had very wise words I will remember them xo

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ireland2day...according to my lens says:

    I’ve often read that those who couldn’t cope, are those who couldn’t or wouldn’t talk about their struggles of the soul and mind. You can and you do, through your wonderful blog. I think you will be one of those who can eventually cope…without demanding that your mind forgets! (steVe touched in Ireland).

    Liked by 1 person

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