Thoughts for Sunday

It’s Sunday, and have been wracking my brain all day on what to post.

Have you heard the term “practice makes perfect.” …?

Well, it does. It doesn’t matter if your a musician, writer, painter, mechanic, scientist, chef, teacher, etc. if you are not practicing these skills you will not get better. 

 I met someone recently, who instead of realizing things in life take work, she had the mentality that she needed to be perfect, and if she didn’t start out perfect from the get go, then immediately she was failure. 


Does this makes sense to you? Because it doesn’t make sense to me.

It’s said that the expert has failed more times then the amature has even tried.  So in perspective, what’s the issue here?

First of all, no one starts out perfect, and shouldn’t think they are, or assume they are better then anyone else. Life shouldn’t be about having things handed to you, and reacting poorly when they aren’t. Life shouldn’t even be about feeling entitled and expecting everything to fall into place for you in the very first moment you Begin to try. 

The bottom line:  Work hard for what you want to achieve. Stop telling people what your gonna do, and let your success make all the noise.

The reward: Nothing fulfills you greater then knowing you put all of your blood and sweat into what you have just achieved. 

“If you want it, get it.”


Happy Sunday readers  be prepared for a poem soon. 😉

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