Monday Morning Rant

Through collective conversations with other moms, it has come to my attention, that there are a select group of single dads out there who use their children to not only get numbers from mothers, but also once these numbers are achieved, start hitting on them. Whether their single moms or taken moms here is where my beef is:

One does not simply begin a conversation with “Your pretty, send me a picture.”

“Are you down?” Pfft! Down for what?

First of all, anyone who has any class at all, expects some effort. Personally, if it were me, I would of dropped completely off because, if you are no where near willing to take the time, and effort to get to know me, your a complete waste of my time.

“Hooking up” is not based on the amount of naughty pictures one requires, that is sleezy and low.

Correct me if I’m wrong. What happened to a good ol’ your quite the interesting person, let’s talk more. I’ve heard many complaints about this topic.

Legit single dads who say, even they deal with woman who suddenly hit on them just because of their kids, and woman who deal with pervert comments from the not so legit single dads.

My insight: it’s that attitude towards others, that has kept you single.

Kids or not, relationships are about combining together. Two people working together. Towards a common goal. Two people, willing to stick through something no matter what. The good, the bad, the quirks, and the stressors. True love prevails all.

No! Relationships are not based on how good you look in a picture,  like to $&@#,  or one night stands.

I see a lot of singles on social Feeds complaining about how hard it is to find a partner.  First of all,  if you do not take the time to  find yourself, figure out what you want, and soul search, you will not find the right person because you haven’t taken the time to figure out who that person is. Male or female; it applies to both. Timing is everything. If you keep pushing, or forcing a relationship, you will not be successful because things happen when they are good and ready to happen. 😀

My frustration in this post comes from, the idea that somehow single dads think they can contact woman for “their kids to play.” But instead hit on them. Hidden motive much? This is ever most aggrevating to me because, being stubborn about this is a very unattractive trait. Now, if your stubborn about your goals, passions and ambitions that’s a whole new ball park. Very attractive. If One tells you it takes more effort to gain their interest then bugging for a picture, then bugging for a picture isn’t going to gain that interest.  Especially considering, it’s not what the majority of people are looking for. That’s not what I’m looking for.  0

“It doesn’t matter how beautiful, and attractive you are, if your ugly on the inside,  your ugly.”

Good morning readers, and thank your for listening to my rant and vent.  I’ll be posting  a real entry later. This is not directed towards any of my readers.

With love 💐Rareity💐

6 thoughts on “Monday Morning Rant

  1. Nicodemas says:

    Amen and thank you for this! Excellent. I can’t help but think that some of this has to do with a shift in our society that stresses sex, instead of relationship. Pornography is a huge problem, because it makes people shallow, and self centered. Anyway I’ll stop now. Great post.

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