Crystals Tale (Part 4)

After a overstimulating week, Jane hadn’t really planned on seeing a lot of people when she went out. Today, just seemed to be one of those days. Everyone wanted to stop and talk to her about a relative. “Is your aunt OK?” an older woman with glasses stopped her in the grocery store.

“Your Jane right?”

“Yes I am.”

“Oh well I’m sorry about ….. But how is your aunt doing.”

Jane shrugged off the comment, immediately taking it as invasive.

“I’m not sure, I haven’t checked up on it.”

Jane reflected in her mind, “Because I don’t have my own things going on to worry about. Hi I’m fine thanks for asking.” Thought-to-it.

Jane wasn’t one to appreciate the prying. If you didn’t know, there was probably a reason why. The woman continued trying to have a conversation about personal things involving the people. Jane continued repeating “I don’t get involved.”

“Well if your aunt is sick, I guess they’ll be able to make all the decisions without her. They wouldn’t want to stress her out more.”

“I don’t think it’s possible to escape the stresses of life.” Jane quipped. The store clerk who had now tuned into their conversation had smiled at Jane for the comment.

“Yeah well you never know. Maybe she is too sick now.”

Jane laughed a bit and responded with, “Ah the inevitable demise of time and stress. There is no avoiding the toll it takes on your body. I’m sure she’ll be fine.”

After a small huff, the lady didn’t seem to appreciate the comments from Jane. She turned and walked away. There was now a woman behind Jane who was smiling as well.

“Hello how are you today.” The clerk asked.

“I’m fine and yourself.” Jane replied.

After these formalities, Jane walked back to her car. She sat down, closed the door, and sighed.

“Wow!” She thought to herself, while shaking her head.  “Should of just stayed home today.”

I suppose at the very end of the day,

“A wise man knows what to say, and when to put it to use.”

Jane couldn’t wait until Crystal came home that afternoon. Crystal was now of the age that she started caring about her looks. The night before, Crystal came home with one question in mind, “Hey mom, do you think I can crimp my hair for school tomorrow?”

“Are you asking me to do it, or are you wanting to do it?”

I would like to practice.” Crystal replied.

“Ah…OK so before taking your shower go practice with it, so you can know how tomorrow.”

“Really…You would let me do that?”

“Of course, your old enough, and you should be learning how to do these things for yourself.”

“I thought you would get mad or say no.”

“Why would I do that sweet pea?”

“Because I’m too to young right mom?”

“If you’re responsible enough to ask me the way you just did, then you’re old enough to try. Just don’t use the crimper when I’m not around, and we can practice whenever you want.”

“Deal.” Crystal said with enthusiasm.

Crystal had decided to have mom to crimp her hair that morning. Her practice session hadn’t gone well. They woke up early, and had a great experience with it. What really mattered was finding out how her day went. Jane waited. Chrystal came home cheery and in a delightful mood.

“How was your day?”

“It went great!”

Crystal was scared to ask her mother about the crimper because she was afraid her mother would say no. She showed bravery by asking, and she was surprised with her results. Crystal and Jane had always been close with one another, but lately they were getting closer.  This evening crystal learned a new lesson in life.

“You’ll never know until you try.”

©Amanda Gordon 9-24-15

It’s been a while since I’ve posted these ones, but their back. two shorts crammed in one,m but small extensions of bigger stories.

Click for Part 5


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