Surrounded (SOW and Poem)

Have you ever wondered about your life, relationships, you, friends, work, etc.?

It’s inevitable.

Anxiety is a growing issue with people nowadays. It doesn’t matter what gives you anxiety whether it be OCD, social situations, family difficulties, work stress, etc. Sometimes these things can range from mild to extreme, we cannot choose the impact of the hit.

So what do  you do? There is one thing I’ve learned over the years courtesy of my Psych. Degree. In a moment of ultimate despair, you must put focus on regaining your five senses.

Look around:

  • What are five things that you can see?
  • What are four things you can touch?
  • What are three things you can hear?
  • What are two things you can taste?
  • What is one thing you smell?

Why is this helpful? because it helps you take grasp of your world around you again. It is a process that we call grounding. When one has an anxiety attack,  they begin to lose grip. They begin to slip away from their solid ground, and without focusing on those steps, they fall very hard.  Take care of yourself.


Everything is slipping quick

You can’t hold on, you can’t resist

Silent bleeding, your losing grip

Your stomach turns in Rapid flips

Losing air through crushing despair

Your about to slip, and make a trip

Grab hold of life, surrounding  you

For, it could stop the inevitable doom

©💐Rareity💐 October 1st, 2015

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