Keeping your Head up When Everything Feels Like It’s Falling Apart.

There will always be those moments where you feel like giving up. There will always be those feelings when you wonder where your self-worth is.

  • Are you fulfilling your purpose in life?
  • Do you feel like your still struggling to find who you are?
  • Do you ever feel like you put so much time, effort, and energy into something with no rewards?
  • Do you feel like your striving to make something of yourself, but there are never any opportunities for you?

For many people, this struggle is real. Finding your place in the world is very hard. The thing is, we are not here just to live and die. One of the hardest journeys in life is finding where you belong.

I’ll admit even I have these days. For many of us WordPress users, most of us are striving to build something here. Sometimes, I don’t feel like working on my novels, even if I woke up with the goal in mind that day. Why? Because I can’t even sell the one I have on the market right now. You see, as authors, we put a lot of time and energy, and a whole lot of effort into one project. When you complete these projects, its a great feeling, until you begin to wonder if it was worth it at all. Why move forward, if maybe that’s not your calling? these are thoughts that can kill your whole persona. I express this side thought to make a point. It is not a pity party, and it is not a complaint. The point is that, even I, your inspirational blogger have moments of despair. Whether those side thoughts are true, or just my insecurities playing tricks with me. What always brings me back to focus, is remembering the support I get from fellow WordPress users. How can I not share these downs, I’d be fooling you if I didn’t tell you life is hard.  Opportunities are few and seldom in the world, and sometimes I feel like picking up and disappearing because I don’t advance in my current location. Sad revelation don’t you think?

Here’s the thing. I hear this dilemma from many people I speak to. The need and urge to change your location seems like a common goal when you feel stuck. Sometimes, people have to do what they gotta do, in order to survive. whether it be moving, staying, screaming 😀  or pursuing. The bottom line is, we can’t do any of it without a clear perspective on situations. at the end of the day, you want to feel productive.

So how do you keep a clear perspective? First of all, its OK to have a moment. You need that, take it. Taking the time to think things through always does a world of good. Dad used to say, “Think before you speak.” this can mean so much to someone in a moment of turmoil. Everything we think, do, or say resonates. It creates a vibration into the universe. If we don’t take the time to have our moment, those thoughts will sit inside our heads making that our reality. If you tell a friend that your supporting them in their endeavors, but don’t do anything to acknowledge what they are doing, you are setting a precedent of an unreliable friend. everything impacts the world around you. Next time your having a moment, remember to think about this. Take a moment.

“The wise man walks away, and returns calmly. It is arrogance that engages unprepared.”

Breathe, relax, think it through, who are you? who do you want to be? place it. engage.

At at the very core, keep your head up…. That is all

Eventually things will fall into place. 😉

With love: Rareity

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