Quick check in

Some days, do you ever feel like you’re the only one making the efforts all around you?

In every aspect of your life. That’s a rough feeling. It’s sad. However happiness and inner peace come from within, and whether you’re the only one in your relationships making any effort, it is truly up to you whether your happy or not.

“If your circumstance isn’t working out for you, then maybe you need a change. If you can’t change it, think about it differently.”

I come from a generation of very creative people. We are the creative generation. It’s great. I like to support other artists because as an artist, I know how important it is to need the support.

This will be a short post today. I just popped in to say Hi and let you all know that I’ll be participating in nanowrimo this year which means I’ll be here and not. Maybe post a few poems, some short stories, but I can’t make promises yet. 😀 I’m getting prepared for this month-long hibernation mode.

How many of my Word Presser’s are going to be doing this challenge with me?

I’m excited and pumped because this will officially be my first novel I’ll write and complete. Let’s see a show of hands how many of my readers enjoy fantasy?

I’ll be stopping in with short posts a lot but don’t worry, I’ll be back full swing after the National Novel Writing Month has come to an end.

2 thoughts on “Quick check in

  1. Tessa says:

    I also am doing NANOWRIMO. I try every year and fail. Maybe this is finally my year, although I will be busy trying to keep up here as well. Finishing up the 31 days of October writings, and my daily postings that I promised. So I will be really busy in November. I am not into fantasy. More into mystery and horror.

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