Success is not Measured…..

For any of my readers who haven’t tuned into my twitter, your missing my frequent bits of wisdom I shed throughout the day.

As I said this morning,  “Perseverance is a powerful entity. Embrace it.”

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As I strolled through social media today, I stumbled across this meme, and felt it was fit. Don’t stop at one set back in life because you didn’t quite get all the way.  That is the challenge you owe yourself to defeat.

Its how you deal with your failures, that defines your character. 😉

Everyday, we have many reasons to give up. So many things making us fight for what we want. Isn’t that the beauty though. At the end of the day, it’s because of all those setbacks, that make the plan that much clearer.  “Back to the drawing board.”  Is always my motto. Why? Because as another fellow blogger states, “Every first draft is S***.” Ernest Hemingway. (Courtesy of Dash McCallen)

That applies to every aspect of life. Every first attempt is never your best, and don’t expect it to be, because life just doesn’t work like that. Work hard for what you want, and the rest will come into place.

Have a happy Monday everyone. With Love: Rareity

How are all my NaNoWriMo’s getting themselves prepared for November?

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