Monday is Here Again

Think Deeper

What is an insecurity?

Something we make up inside our heads about ourselves that serves to damage our self being.

What is thought process?

Something we do in order to think our lives through.

What is remorse?

Something we obtain through empathy that tells us when to feel guilty, or bad about something we’ve done or said.

Sometimes people don’t have these skill sets.

Today, I want to write about our mindsets. It’s important to know; how we treat ourselves within, projects to our outer world.

So what happens when we have self-destructive thoughts?

We tend to destroy ourselves emotionally and physically. I’m not saying it isn’t OK to take a moment and flip out, or do what you do to process your life.

“Its how well we rise after falling, that matters the most.”

Maybe your method is to scream when no one is around, go to the gym, jam with your band, or in my case; turn on some good tunes, and journal til it hurts!! You do what you gotta do to make things right for you.

One of the biggest challenges us humans have is changing our minds. We tend  to forget that the two greatest freedoms one can achieve is no longer caring about what others think of us, and to have an open mind because without one, you will not ever see life through a clear lens. Also, understanding the difference between people who are really in your life for your best interest, or those who keep you around because they need to use you.

The point: No matter what skill sets you do, or don’t have in life. At the very bottom line, if you do not change your thinking, you will not change your life.

I ponder a lot about the deeper meaning. I tend to enjoy it. No…I don’t know everything, but I think a lot. I enjoying learning, inquiring, and contemplating. I suppose that’s the greatest gift my father gave me.

“Never lose your desire  to keep learning and growing.” My dad 🙂

On the flip side, there is a fine line between thinking deeper, and staying on the shallow end of the pool.

I suppose when one chooses not to think deeper then the surface, they end up hindering themselves. Not one single person on this earth knows EVERYTHING (That’s the beauty: Diversity)

I, nor you are better than anyone else. We carry our unique traits for a reason.

That reason being: to make the world a more interesting place.

I suppose that’s that greatest gift my mother instilled within me.

“To see the light in others that you would see in yourself.” My Mom 🙂 

Happy Monday readers. Rareity

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