Things you Shouldn’t tell a Pregnant Woman

The things you hear come out of other woman’s mouths when they talk to pregnant woman perplex me. Must not remember their pregnancy well. Things NOT to tell a pregnant woman

1.Are you sure your not having twins, your huge?
2.Ask when are you due every time you see them.
3. Good luck cause you’re gonna need it. (Really?)
4. Get sleep now you wont get it later. (yeah cause they totally don’t have lives)
5. Are you gonna have more (Oh yes were planning our next one right now ~sarcasm~ not anyone’s business but theirs)
6. Smile they’re easier when your pregnant. Enjoy it while you can. (PFFT! having kids is about the journey not just the pregnancy.)
7. Any day now? (sure cause every baby is born at 6 months gestation ~roll my eyes~)
8. You haven’t popped yet (holy moly since when are pregnant woman balloons)

At no time what so ever should anyone tell a woman I hope you have that baby soon. Your not their OB. You don’t know anything about their pregnancy or progress. Telling that to a woman who is still in her early stages of pregnancy, is quite the insult, not to mention your wishing the worst scenario on a mother. Ask any mother who’s been stuck in NICU or has had complications due to premature birth, that is not something you wish on someone. What is happening to society today that we have to disrespect others in such ways. It does bother me when I hear some of the back-handed comments that are made to pregnant woman. They have feelings too. just like you, they don’t appreciate being harassed every time they have to go to town. After a while that becomes something more dreadful than anything to them because they feel like their famous. Everyone wants to bug and ask about their condition. The next time you see a pregnant woman, maybe just smile and keep on moving. because NO they don’t want to be stopped and interviewed about the experience.
Come on Woman you remember what it was like to be pregnant, why do that to someone else?

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