Welcome to December

I suppose it’s been a rough day. I spent the last thirty days belting out 60,000 words for a novel. I’m almost there. Yay!  But with sick kids, waiting games, and outside stressors I’m about to bite someone’s head off. Not only am I tired of hearing, “Any baby yet?” One too many times, BY THE SAME PEOPLE! I’m about ready to wrangle the next person’s neck who asks it. You would think you would know when it happens. Most people announce these things.  Sorry a little vent. I’m pretty upset about a certain set of circumstances that occurred over our holiday break this year. I don’t care for being sabotaged, and people who do that are quite vain if you ask me. Especially when they use your children to do so. The other half of my daughter’s family like to see her to teach her hate towards me… If only they were in it for her. If I could ask for one miracle this Christmas it would be that they were in her life for all the right reasons :/

Before, I go off ranting about how bugged I am, my real point for this post today is that after spending the time and energy in working on my novel, I feel pretty accomplished right now. That is a good feeling. Now something is lacking. I only wish I could accomplish that much with my blog. I know that I have a select few of you that enjoy what I do. I appreciate that greatly. How many of you can agree that it is very hard to figure out what to do with a blog?

I’m still struggling to figure that out. After two years I’m still …. here.

Discouraging moment for sure.

Anyhow, welcome to December!


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