I Ponder Thou

I wondered last night, as I lay in bed staring at my roof.

Do you ever watch me, and think about how I’m doing?

Often I stare at my children, and I ponder off into my mind

I wonder what mom and dad think, of how I’m doing now

Do they speculate, and if so, how am I doing

Do I still make you proud?

Am I totally screwing it up.?

Essences of your shadows, they pulse through me everyday

I find myself sharing stories, those you once had told

My children sweep me off my feet, they resemble special times

For my oldest son he shines like golden fury

My second son he paces life in your footsteps every day.

A consistent reminder in my face, he is your perfect twin grandpa.

Subtle reminders in so many ways, you’re with me even still

If I shall be blessed to know that you are still my shield

I wouldn’t agonize at all, over all the voids you no longer fill.

© Rareity 12-3-15

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