Social Deceptions

Did it make you feel better to harass people in the store.

To stop every passer-by and tell them something cruel.

Up until the moment, you confronted me

Didn’t turn out the way you’d hoped

I’m a bitch  with much inner strength

I lashed back at you, you ran away.

My witty tongue does not leave me astray

It was only fun to you, If you weren’t put in your place.

Intelligence is not determined by age, race, or creed.

Maturity is something we all must work to achieve.

Life is not some simple game, It is an ending deem

Why focus your time and energy on miserable and shameful deeds

It says a lot about who you are

To target elders, young or preggers

The holidays are now upon us

And your most dreadfully bitter.

©Rareity 12-4-15 🌹

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