Welcome to the World

I’m glad to be home.  We had made an arrangement to go home after having baby, but they ended up not following through with the plan, meaning I was stuck in a hospital overnight for 24 hours :/ It’s a sad day in reality when hospital professionals think your better off in a room with a newborn alone without their daddy. I was stuck inside the triage room. This is not an actual labor room. It is a tiny cramped room, with no furniture, and lots of discomfort.  it was unfortunate. Why?

No nurse can take care of me like my Jay. the only thing staying in the hospital did was postpone my healing. I’ve been home today, and I’m sorry I haven’t posted but I’m back on track now.

I had a quick labor. Took two hours, and everything went great, and now I’m onto our next stage. MY biggest accomplishment I’d like to acknowledge is I managed to complete the NaNoWriMo challenge with all of this going on 😉

This may serve to be my shortest post yet. I’d like to welcome our seventh member to our clan. Dahlia Rayne. Thanks WordPress bloggers for all your support.

2015-12-06 (1)

2015-12-062015-12-06 (2)2015-12-06 (3)

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