Welcome to the New Century 

These days, when we have families, we don’t have the luxury of staying home and “resting” after having a baby. I find it unnerving that people seem to feel they have an opinion, or a say in how, and what you should be doing. Let’s put it this way.  If your babies pediatrition wants you out and about taking your three day old in for their three day check up, why is it anyone else’s business  what your doing.  This brings me to my point. 

It is unfortunate but very true: it doesn’t matter how you live your life, or what you do, who you help, how much  respect you have towards others. People will always judge you, and have an opinion, creating stereotypes. 

 Anyhow, who needs negativity in their life. 😉

I’ve noticed more people are stressed out. December is a hard month. Finances are a little tighter, chaos is amongst us, those of us who have lost loved ones, these are hard times.  Today if my post can serve one message. It will be this:

“Stay positive. When everything seems to be working against you,  remember your blessings, and your passions.”

It is those very reasons we are who we are. Love Rareity 💐

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