A Post Meant for Dec. 4th

2015-12-10Following traditions have always been a joy of mine. It brings great comfort to carry on old ways passed down from precious generations. As a little girl my mother had my brothers and I, help put together a tree. Here’s how it worked. First, oldest got to lights, second, got to do garland, and tinsel. Youngest got to do ornaments with mom. Dad got the star. We alternated when we wanted to try a new task. This is just a small piece of a whole tradition though.

This year, while we played our waiting game, we waited for our bundle but she just didn’t want to come. 🤔 we went ahead and just set I up anyway. Yes, of course after that she made her way here that night. 😊

This year, youngest got to choose garland color first, and so forth. Because of that, the oldest got to place their garland first, then back down the line. When the ornaments came out  the middle got to put the first ornament on and then youngest, then oldest. And then we place our special ornament on that we’ve handmade.  Dad got star. 😌 this helped everyone avoid jealousy, and a feeling of unfairness.

All is calm and peaceful tonight

A Christmas tree with brilliant light

2015-12-10 (2)


Afterwards, we enjoyed hot cocoa, wrote letters to Santa, and watched an old school frosty the snowman. Great night!

2015-12-10 (5)

Had a video of the lighting, and it’s not converting. sorry :/

Love Rareity

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