What Does it Mean to be Succesful 

A lot of people equate success to having nice houses, nice cars, lots of money, a great career, etc. a lot of people strive everyday to have this in their possessions. I call this materialism. I believe success is not what you have, or how much you have obtained, but rather, how happy you are. At the very core, I truly believe if your job, or passions, or dreams, or wants out of life make you happy, and bring pure joy into your life, then you are quite successful. Why? 

The pursuit of happiness is a very challenging journey. Often, we look for it in others, or objects, or other things. Truthfully,  the reason this is such a challenging discovery  is because the last place anyone looks is inside their soul through the looking glass. Have you ever taken a gander at yourself in the mirror for more then how you look? Have you ever stared deep inside your eyes? (the doorway to your soul) it is there , where one finds themselves, there happiness, and purpose. 

It isn’t, and shouldn’t be what others are doing that should determined your success, failure, happiness, or setbacks. It is merely a word. I don’t have a career, heck I graduated with honors in forensic psych. And have yet to work a day in the profession. I do love psychology, and if you want to spend hours on end chatting with me about it,  I’ll engage. 😌I’m also a musician since birth, and a writer since I was 8 years old. Despite the sometimes, wondrous thoughts that maybe I wasted years in college for nothing, I feel fulfilled because everyday I wake up, and do what I love. I spend time with the people I love, and enjoy the things that I love. That is what I consider success. Living your daily life to your fullest.  

The purpose of this post is not to brag, or complain. 😉 if I can at least help one of you out there today, then there is my third reason for being grateful in December. 

Happy December 12th everyone 

Love Rareity.

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