Christmas Songs and Holiday Bliss

My four favorite songs for Christmas are:

  • “Sleigh Ride”
  • “Silent Night”
  • “Have yourself a Merry little Christmas”
  • “Chestnut’s roasting on an open fire” (The Christmas Song)

Today I stumbled across one very beautiful arrangement of “Silent Night”. I’m not a big TV, or YouTube fan, but I will admit that I can enjoy watching the Shaytards Vlogs because they are a huge family like us, but with major differences. They have all five of their children TOGETHER whereas, my spouse and I have three together, and our one each from previous situations.  Our happy blended family lives together one hundred percent. It is nice to see how other large families do it. I feel as though we are on two separate sides of the spectrum. They have a giant family, that is very close. It melts my heart. Once upon a time, I had that giant family that was really close, until the dreadful day that dynasty began to fall apart. Now, I know most of my readers know this part of the story, but with new readers, not all of you do. I would post a link to an older post but tonight I’m not in the mood to look for it. 😉 Nothing has ever been more important to me then family. It is the very core essence of who and why we become who we are. negative, or positive experiences involved. From the beginning of our time, these are the people we row with in this great big giant sea of life. Impressions, and imprints are permanent. I appreciate that the Shaytards take family seriously. They love their kids, they have family projects, but most of all they film themselves having fun as a family together. What matters most Isn’t really the size of your home. or your bank account, but rather the laughter, and happiness you have inside the home.

This video displays silent night is a beautiful arrangement. I hope you enjoy

Rareity 😉

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