Extra Step to Taking Care of Yourself (S.O.W)

Sometimes, just a simple time away for yourself brings a world of difference within your soul. How often do you stop, and breath? Most importantly ponder and think. No, we don’t always have to be contemplating the “Meaning of Life” but our lives, our world, and everything around us impacts how we feel, and how we grow.  Slowing down is definitely important where clarity, perspective, and problem solving is involved.

Confession: Even though I’m very talkative, and speak well in public situations, I’m also not big on being in social situations, because they overstimulate me. Does that make sense? 🤔 (Hmmm?)

How often do you find yourself going home and requiring a debriefing?

Yup that’s me 😉

6th reason to be grateful this December,  just simply waking up, and breathing.

“It might not be necessary every day, but sometimes, just stop and smell the roses.” #stuffraresays


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