Stop Right There!

Hey you. Yeah you. The angry, haggard lady who thought it fit to harass a four and two year old.

Here’s the thing about family events. They are meant for families to attend and enjoy an experience together.  Unlike you, we had a teenager performing. She was a soloist. Now, I’m not one to judge others, so being that she was there just to watch the performance with no one to enjoy watching, it was quite a disgraceful situation to see someone who has no children treat families like they are third class citizens. I don’t normally condone devices as a means for entertainment for children, but last night in our dilemma we had two young children bored out of their minds. We took their leapsters. Why? Because we knew they would keep them quiet. What would be better for you?

Two children griping

“Can we go home yet?”

“This is boring.”

“I want to go home.” running around causing problems because they’re not getting what they want, or “Here play your game and shhhh!!”

Other parents saw us gain that control over them to quiet them. All of them with the same thought. Nice! Smart choice.



That bothered you didn’t it?

You wanted them to be noisy rather than quiet.

Threatened to complain and have us kicked out because their devices were bothering her. All the other parents looked at this woman and gave her very dirty looks. Why?

As the husband of one-woman said.  “What a b_____ they just got them to calm down.”

If you know me personally you know how I respond to ignorant people.

“Alright we’ll turn them off, but they’ll be louder without them. Pick your poison.”

“Babe.” My spouse said.

“What? To her, them being crazy is better than being quiet. Let them. Because when we don’t have children, we don’t understand.”

Three families laughed at that comment.

After that I allowed my boys to be crazy and chaotic around her. Why?  She wanted that scenario.

It is very unfortunate that a woman of her age would harass young children. Whether it’s the parents they don’t like, or can’t stand. Children have no place in your strife.

Insight: My two-year old is very strong-willed. For a stranger to look at him angrily and shoosh him, is a mistake. He takes ____ from no one. Of course my combative two year old turned up his volume. Dad had to turn it down again. She shooshed him AGAIN (before the device got turned up). Sure enough he looked at her with his devious grin, and turned it up again. Caution: don’t engage. I felt like I was watching two children fight with one another. Yet, a grown woman with a two-year-old. That is when she started bothering us.

What makes people who have no children so…. Bitter towards children?

We tend to be to ourselves. We don’t go into town looking to bother others. We also try to get in and out quick while staying under the radar. It is unfortunate that there are people in the world that target you for whatever reasons they have. Not everyone succumbs to drama. Not everyone is immature enough to enjoy fights. I’m older, I have five kiddos I have to worry about. I don’t have time or energy to put into that kind of behavior. Its shameful. As the saying goes

“It doesn’t matter how great you think you are, if a toddler hands you a toy phone answer it.”

Well if your grown, it doesn’t matter how great you think you are, don’t stat a fight with a two-year old.” That just speaks negatively about your character.

Message for the woman: (POEM) 

Click link to read the poem



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