Shaping Our Lives (S.O.W)

It’s not what you do sometimes, it’s what you do constantly that shapes your life.” 

I hear the comment, “If I had more time.” Often. However, time isn’t key, priority is. It’s not about and’s if or buts, but the simple desire of wanting something bad enough you wont stop at anything to achieve it.

“Your desire and determination must be greater than your fear of the obstacles ahead.” Funny little thing about obstacles is:

we sometimes get tripped up on them yet, “Obstacles are like speed bumps. You mow over them as you go along.”

Granted, we slow down but slow or fast we always make if over the side. 

I remember being young hearing dad say, “What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.” Well hey he had a point.

At the bottom line; Our minds are powerful. What we think we become. What see say about ourselves, comes true. How we project ourselves says a lot about our character. What we want and feel gravitates to us.

Therein lies the question: What will you do with your mind? 😉


Another reason to be grateful in December: Older brothers 😛 Happy Birthday biggest brother!

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