Blessing through Grief (Poem)

These Holidays are hard for many people out there. Yes, how magical the essence of Christ is. However, I have noticed an abundance of grief within my social feeds.I have a friend who recently experienced loss. She is having a hard time with it. Now i will not mention names because that is not OK, but her post gave me an urge to tel her something special


Hold on tight its quite the ride

Somethings missing, in all your sites,

Soon enough you will learn to live

While his essence delves within,

Your simply bleeding with fresh new wounds,

A broken heart will begin to consume you,

At the end of this dark deep mist

You will begin to see

The light again.

  ©Rareity 12-23-15

from personal experience, I know the first year of grief is the hardest.  I cannot tell anyone how to feel, or what they should feel, but I can say that your world, everything, and everyone around you, including yourself will change through this passage. Grief is one of the greatest learning experiences we will ever pass through. You are no longer the person you were before. Time does not heal wounds. What truly heals wounds, is learning to live without them, and even then, your still going to think about them, miss them, and cry for them when you remember them. Why? Because the moment you notice their absence you will remember them.

Blessings to you all!


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