Inside Heartfelt Moments 

I must admit I’ve been quite drained. 🤗 coming up with posts in the last few days has been wrenching. I’m walking around like a drone. Baby has her days and nights mixed up, and last night was my first night to get back on track. For any of my mother readers out there, we all know this dilemma  all to well. It’s a typical part of their transition into this world. 

Two more days and it’s Christs birthday. A blessing told for many an era. These are the times that shall remind us; there is more to life then materialistic items. Time is always racing against us, we really do fade quicker then we realize. How many of you feel it’s quite outrageous how the media exploits this holiday, this special day, Turning it into something highlighted by gifts and money spending. 😕

Two more days of reading Charles dickens  “A Christmas Carole” to the little ones. Then we will read the “Night before Christmas” this now a tradition going on six years my spouse and I created together. 

 I must admit, I do get tired of hearing the peanut gallery comments “Oh you have such a big family you poor thing.” “Oh good luck your gonna need it.” “Oh I feel sorry for you.” “Oh you have your hands full.” ……..REALLY? 😒

People do things for their own logical reasons, it is not up to anyone but them to decide whether their situation is a blessing or a curse. It’s quite unwise to make snap judgments towards anyone at anytime. I Am grateful for my family. Is it that I have my hands full, or that I merely have my heart full? 😉 I’ve gained some new readers recently so not all of you know, both of my parents passed away young with health issues, before I made it to thirty. That is heart wrenching. I went from having a big family, to having none at all. Merely my spouse and my children. It is quite a delight that I have  my large family. It’s heartwarming watching them all turn into their own little people. 😝

Now I’m rambling.  Hehehe dot , dot, dot.😌

These are the times when family should outweight the new shiney and pretty gifts. 

Another reason I’m grateful this December:  My readers putting up with my random pop up ramblings. 

4 thoughts on “Inside Heartfelt Moments 

  1. ladysighs says:

    Traditions are so important. Reading stories, singing songs, decorating in a certain way. We bond with our family. We do feel sadness when the ones we love are no longer there to participate in the tradition, but the nice memories will still be there. 🙂
    Ramblings are important too. Make them a tradition. lol

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