Overcome Your Fears During the Holidays

As most of you know. Six years ago today, my now nine year old and myself were in an accident. Hit by a drunk driver. For a while afterwards,  I would get anxiety while driving,  but most importantly I refused to drive at all on Christmas Eve. For any of you who have been with me from the start. Two years ago today, I was given quite the ultimatum. 
Dad was sick, and in a hospital two hours away, on this very special family holiday. We had planned to drive up on Christmas Day, and surprise him. However, my dad had other plans. He knew what was to come. He knew he didn’t want to spend his last holiday with his family stuck in a tiny little room. So, I had to take flight. On this most wretched day, I made the Two hour drive with anxious fear. For my dad, I’d move mountains. Despite the fears, and despite the anxiety, I grabbed my keys, and headed out.  I Brought my dad home that night. We enjoyed a final Christmas together. 

Today, I had to take the newest member, to her check up. I had some last minute errands to take care of. The stores were like entering a madhouse. I had my little four year old shopper helper, and together, we are a hilarious combo.  

I do avoid using my kids names as much as possible so don’t mind the nicks names. 

“Oh lil man this place is crazy, I don’t think I’m gonna get everything I need.”

“Why momma?”

“Mommy can’t deal with the crowds honey.”

“It’s ok momma if anyone scares you, I’ll smile and they’ll smile back. That will make it easy right mom?”

An elder woman laughed and said, “What a sweet boy.” Now blushing he sends smiles up and down the isles. 

“Ok let’s grab one more thing for your dad and get out of here.” 

“Oh mom can we just leave now. I’m getting nervous.”

“Oh love and what do you know about being nervous.”

“It makes my teeth chatter.” He said humorously as He chattered his teeth and shook his head.  Now an elder couple saw this, and it melted their hearts.  

“Bless his heart.” The woman said as we passed by. “You are blessed.” Her husband added. Another blush consumed my face. “Thank you.” I said smiling. 

Either way, I left the store and made one more stop. I got on the phone after parking to let  Jay know the place was closed, and he said, “Well everything should be closed, it’s Christmas Eve.” 

The ringing bells of realization rang through my head. Here I am moving around town without even realizing.  I did it! 

Two years ago,I faced my fear for the sake of my dad. Now it was something I didn’t even think about. 

The moral of this story. It’s never to late to face your fears. Honestly, courage doesn’t mean having no fear, it means being able to face your fears, and overcome them.  Today my revelation: I did it, and so can you. 

Merry Christmas Eve everybody!

Love Rareity

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