Crystals Tale (Part 5)

Crystal felt a pang in her chest as the anxiety rose to the top of her lungs. Her mother had never spoken Ill about anyone in her family, and it filled her heart with comfort. Today, Crystal sat with Pete and His new fiancée. She was quite uneasy. “You need to call me dad.” He emphasized. Crystal shot a disappointed glance at him. Crystal always has enough fight in her to stand up for herself. “What for, you’ve never been there for me. My real dad is Dean, cause real dads are there for everything.”  Pete became angry and yelled,”I’m your your real dad, and he’s your stepdad. You are not to call him dad. Do you understand!” Crystal looked down in defeat, he’d hurt her feelings deeply. “You are to call Corina mom too.”  Crystal looked at him with disgust.  “This summer I can’t wait until you visit, I’m so excited for you to watch me get married. Now heart broken, Crystal looked at him and thought.

All these years, I’ve meant nothing to you. Every pageant, every sport, every tear, and everything that mattered it’s been mom and Dean who were there, but where were you? Now… I’m to be there for you? So you can look good for your wife’s family? What am I? Chopped liver?

The timer beeped, and Jane began to pull the cookies out of the oven. The door opened and slammed abruptly. Crystal ran in and to her room crying, slamming her bedroom door.  Jane looked at Dean  and said, “what’s up with her?”  “She looks pissed.” He replied.

Jane finished up with the cookies, and headed to Crystals room knocking quietly, and whisper, “Crystal?”

“Come in.”

“Hey sweet pea, what’s up?” Crystal stared out of her window.

“I hate Pete.”

“Oh honey. Hate is such a strong word. You shouldn’t wish that on anyone.”

“Mom he’s so mean to me. He bosses me around. Why can’t daddy be my only dad.”

“Because things just don’t always work out in our favor sweetie.”

“Well Pete told me that your a b$&@&, and that I shouldn’t call you mom, or that dad. Isn’t my real dad. Why would he do that? Doesn’t he love me?”

Before reacting Jane took a moment to soak in what crystal had just said, ” well… Who do you think is your real dad.”

“Dean mommy.”

“OK… can you tell me why you think that?”

“Because he’s always  there.” Jane paused another moment.

“Then that’s all that matters.” Crystal smiled brightly at that response.

“Oh mom. Your the best.”

“Anyone who loves you will do the same thing my dear.”

” Yeah… I guess your right.”

Jane put her hand on Crystals knee and said, “Now how about we go eat some cookies, and make cocoa?”

“Yeah!” Crystal said enthusiasticly.

While they sat and had thir treat Crystal took comfort in the fact that yet again her mother was there for her when she needed someone the most. This time, it was because  the guy who thought he could ride into town on his white shiney horse, and sweep her away that had broken her heart. Despite his goal to encourage Crystal to turn against her mother, his plan had backfired, and he didn’t know it quite yet.

To be continued……..


Just tuning in? For those of you who are newer to my blog, and haven’t seen me post Crystals Tale  you can catch up with Crystal from the beginning by clicking here. 

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