Extraordinary Things

Step outside

How often, do you create dreams, goals, and aspirations. Probably pretty often if you ask me. The true question is:

How often do you let those desire’s slip through your fingers?

Often,we settle for sedimentary lifestyles, and for less than because we simply don’t see ourselves achieving these desires. However,

   “Our mere essence is to believe we CAN achieve.” Rareity

Why? Because we can.

The mind is a very powerful weapon. What you think up, and what you believe, will become your realty. For example, if you want to become an actor, keep your head in that mentality. Feel the lifestyle, make yourself part of it, and believe in it so much, you can see it in your future. Envision it. taste it.  why?  If we focus on negative thoughts and energy, we will then have a negative life and vise versa. It’s i important to focus on our blessings. Whether you feel like there are none, or only one or two, the bottom line is: The more good you see, the more good you will attract. The more you believe in yourself, the more you attract your success.

Remember being asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Well…..Did you achieve it?……You still can if you haven’t.

As the image above expresses “Good things come from stepping outside your comfort zone.:” This means that until you are willing to be you, despite what anyone else thinks, you will be unable to become the you that your meant to be. Why? because your living for what others think of you.

Goal: Think of where you’re at, who you want to be, and then where you want to go… then as scary as it may seem, you must be bold enough to be it, without fear of criticism. Whether it’s constructive, or cruel, it’ll help you grow. As you venture through that step, here is something you shall not forget

“The lion doesn’t lose sleep over the talk of the sheep.” 😉

Have a great Sunday readers ! Love Rareity.

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