Post Christmas Greeting 

As we venture past Christs birthday, we enter the daze of overstimulated mist. Christmas parties and family galore. Chaos and mischief the children abroad. The holiday is over, but not quite yet. A new year, and new you is on its way.  I don’t encourage resolutions, I will condone taking strides to be who your meant to be. I’m hoping my readers have enjoyed winter land 🌨🌬  and simply enjoying being 

Hope your holiday was blissful and fun. Love Rareity

7 thoughts on “Post Christmas Greeting 

  1. ladysighs says:

    There is something about entering a New Year that is refreshing. I don’t make many resolutions, but it is fun to talk about them and kid my family and friends about keeping or not keeping them. When I taught I found my students really settled down after the long holiday season. They were glad to get back to a routine. And their parents were always glad to shoo them back to school. 🙂

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    • Rareity says:

      Hahaha yeah they stayed home for two weeks driving them crazy 😛 I love the break with mine… I’m a goof ball … But am always ready for them to go back in the last day or so. If I were to make a resolution this year… It would be…hmmm…….. I got nothing 🙄

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