The Countdown Begins? ;)

A Special thanks goes out to you all!!!

As this year comes closer to its end, I’d like to say a few words to everyone. This year has been filled with lots of mysteries, and joyous moments, but what I truly want to highlight is how much I love being part of this community. I have had a lot of support from many of my readers, and even when I took my hiatus this summer, you all stood by me patiently while I posted infrequently. Maybe its because I warned you, or maybe You all love what you read that much (Either way I am most grateful) When I came back in full swing, you all picked back up with me right where we left off.

I know i’m eclectic with my writing, and that may frustrate some of you, maybe it doesn’t, variety can be a good thing I suppose.  I feel as though I should send this final shout out , as the clock ticks three hours left.:)


Thank you all for enjoying my variety.  whether it be my poetry, short stories, S.O.W and leadership posts, my rants, motherhood posts, and snippets to larger projects.  When Sometimes I shed a little piece of me, you all notice me, and guess what…. I notice you too. Thanks for making 2015 a motivating blogging year.

I look forward to the new blogging year with all of you. Blessings!

Mellie 😉


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