Mishaps, Editing and Mayham

Funny little thing about editing, is how once you get rolling, you get rolling. I swear to you the higher power of the writing gods will always find a reason to throw a technical difficulty in your face. Like a malfunction in the middle of your flow.  Ah! The wretched stop in the middle of what your doing to shut down and reboot. Creation is a consistent flow. Stopping tends to …. Slow it down.  A little bothered, I must say. Let’s keep it on the bright side. Today, is my first official day cracking back at it. I’m feeling pretty inspired. πŸ˜‰πŸ€”. Despite the screaming and yelling of happily playing children and of course, STILL with their light saber wars. Which now, they have decided they’ve picked sides. Have you ever sat idly by while listening to a two and four year old “argue” and negotiate terms. It is something else. Imagine it. Of course I can’t resist. I had to…  

In a deep voice I spoke, “Boys… I am your motha.” They stopped, and stared. So maybe moms a dork. πŸ˜‰ Gotta love her for trying. 

If anything drives me up the wall, it’s having your device malfunction in the middle of work. It stops so much progress. Today’s editing Is allowing my word count to grow. I didn’t know my story had more growth to come. There is  something about the world I’m in with this book, that really sits with me. I’d love to live inside it. I suppose that’s the beauty of our fictional tales. There is always a little piece of us that at one point dreamed of it. Hence the story. 

Hope you’ve all had a lovely day. Blessings 

Mellie πŸ““

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