Toxicity is Killing You

Have you ever had to deal with a toxic person?

Can you recognize these people in your life?

Do you know why its important to recognize toxic people in your life?

When you allow allow toxic energy to float around your inner circulation, it begins to break down your energy.They have a way of eating at your very soul, happiness, and successes.

people who are toxic generally are:

  • Selfish
  • Arrogant
  • Self-centered
  • Argumentative
  • Controlling
  • Manipulative
  • lack remorse
  • lack accountability
  • Victimize themselves
  • Entitled
  • Lie
  • Etc. You get the point 😉

These traits are hard on loved one’s because when you hurt them, you never seem to take their feelings into account. It always ends up belong their fault somehow. Example; Lets say I was insulted by a friend. If I spoke up and said, “When you did_____ It really hurt my feelings.”

But the response I get is “I didn’t do that.” (Arrogance)


“Well I did it because This thing that happened the other day but i’m sorry.” (Entitled, Not really sorry, and lack of accountability, lack of remorse), If they need to justify it before apologizing, then they are not actually sorry.)


“I didn’t mean to.” (Victimizing, Lack of accountability, and manipulative.)

Or anger in response. To them, its unfair you even have a problem. there is something wrong with that picture. Remember that there are many other ways toxic people can hurt you, this is just an example. (For lack of better example :/)

Why is this important?

If their missing the point. They plain and simply aren’t prioritizing you. After a while, when you allow a toxic person to continue to hurt you, it makes you sick. Your health declines, and your emotional state weakens. Why? Whats worse then NOT being able to express your concerns …. Knowing that even if you do, the issues won’t be worked out. They will argue with you until you accept that they are justified, and understand their reasons why. (Does that sound genuine to you?) They will continue to prove their innocence until you yourself realize, its not worth the fight.(It is more important for a toxic person to prove their innocence rather than accept you both have an issue that needs to be worked out, or addressed.) Meaning: While they are in your life, your only forced to accept their behavior because they will not accept that anything needs to be worked through, or that there is even a problem at all. Unfortunately the problems will escalate because when they are only argued, and never worked out, they never go away. Every time the issues returns it aggravates you more.

“Issues are inevitable, its working through them that matures you.”

In the end your the one wasting your time, health, and energy on those who only care abut themselves. Yes, toxic people are generally egocentric, and really will expect you to put up with being treated badly by them. If you can’t accept the hurt, they WILL make you the bad guy. EVERY TIME you have an altercation. The choice is yours

Toxicity and selfishness is one of the worst forms of abuse. With it comes, lack of affection, lack of love, lack of respect, lack of value, and lack of morals. If you find yourself in one of these situations and feel emotionally pained, or broken. Then you may be around toxic people. What matters the most; is what you do with the knowledge.

“Knowledge is key, but actions make change.”

Emotional pain eats away at us the hardest. Take the family of a substance abuser. Drugs change a person. Who they are at their core, is no longer there, but masked by a substance. Therefore, they acquire these attributes. For family, this eats away at them. To watch your loved one spiral, or be the loved one getting hurt by the manipulation, the pain affects our physical health. Be kind to yourselves, and others. This is the only chance we get in life. Have a great Saturday: Rareity

Since I brought this topic up, my next topic will be Emotional versus physical pain because they correlate. I’m willing to revisit this topic again. If you have questions comment. I left a lot of information out. That would require a long read. Drop me a comment 🙂 I would love to discuss this topic 😉


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