Why You Shouldn’t End A Relationship?


Being sick is no fun. I spent the better half  of this week fighting off a cold. Oops! probably shouldn’t of let my Little man kiss me :/ How could I resist. He’s too… cute. It’s not always easy to come up with posts when your under the weather. Hence, the drop off. I notice that there are many of you who do notice when I go missing from the blogger world. I am grateful for that.

Yesterday, while searching my feeds, I noticed a video post on you tube about why you shouldn’t end a relationship. It was short, with a few good points, but it struck an opinion in my mind. The point made was; If you spend a lot of time investing, ending it should not be easier then the time it took to build it.

Truth be told, everyone is going to hurt you at some point, you just gotta find the ones your willing to get hurt for.

How many of you have heard that?

Relationships are not a walk in the park. They are not as easy as bending over to smell the roses. You must put time, effort, and energy into something you believe to be worthwhile. If you want it to work, you must make it work. Parents put time , energy, and effort into raising their children the same goes for a relationship., It truly is a full time job. The only difference, is with your job, you can go home and take a break. A relationship does not allow for breaks. When issues occur, you don’t have the luxury of sleeping on it. The myths are NOT true. No, you don’t meet your prince or princess and rush off into the sunset for a happily ever after. The relationship is not meant to be perfect, and magical. Unfortunately , I believe fairy tales give our children the idea that it IS that easy. It’s not. You must work at that romance. Otherwise, the issues will build and fester.

Remember Men: Just because you’ve won her heart, doesn’t mean you can stop dating her. She is your queen as you are her king. In order to build, you must continue to build.

Remember Woman: Just because you’ve snagged your man, you are the queen of the dynasty. Therefore, in order to protect your dynasty from falling, you must acknowledge, and appreciate the good things they do for you, as they stand behind you.

Important points: When issues do arise. Don’t come at it from a combative point of view. If your angry, walk away and calm yourself down. Find a moment when you are both happy, to have a constructive conversation about the things that are bothering you. Remember again: No one is telling you that you’re a terrible person because you’ve hurt their feelings. They are simply expressing that something bothers them, “How can we make it better?”  is always a core question to ask.

Personally, I find gender roles to be quite overrated. For example, I see a lot of controversy about cooking in social feeds. Whether your a man or a woman, you should have the desire to cook. (Basic survival)

Some tips to help with bonding:

  • Cook meals together. When you have kids, this may be the only time in the day you’ll have together. With five children in the home, this is ours.
  • For movie night, sit by each other, hold hands, put your hand on their neck. Small displays of affection are better then nothing. This goes for both. caress her neck, caress his hand. It goes a long way.
  • Flirt.
  • Smile at each other
  • Remind each other how attracted you are to one another
  • Netflix is big nowadays, pick shows you want to watch together, make it your…thing.
  • If you have kids, plan a special dinner night. Make the kids their favorite kiddo meal, let them eat first, put on some movies for them, and while their occupied, sit down with your spouse, and have your candle lit meal. Even if you stay in, at least your spending time together, that doesn’t include “MOM, MOM, MOM.” “DAD, DAD, DAD!!!!!” best part is you most likely eating healthier food.
  • Etc. the list can go on. find your own ideas. Get creative. There are many ways to maintain your relationship.

I’m pretty simplistic. I’m the girl who would rather be given a plant to nurture, over flowers that will wilt. Not everyone has that preference, you might want to know your partner before jumping to a conclusion.

I’m going to stop here, because I feel like I’m babbling about relationships. I may not know everything about them, but I do know they take a strenuous amount of work. You just have to be willing to to make the effort.

Sorry about he rant everyone. I had something to say about this video and I hope you all have a great day. 😉



One thought on “Why You Shouldn’t End A Relationship?

  1. Nicodemas says:

    This is a wonderful post. I love your advice about candlelight dinners at home. I find myself watching movies my wife likes, and they are usually very good! Although I do prefer Star Trek the closeness is more important.

    Liked by 1 person

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