Detective Work on The Move 

Have you ever had one of those days where you know you should be productive but your brain is in malfunction mode?


Lately, I’m having.a lot of those days. Between interrupted sleep, chronic back pain, choo choo trains, continued light saber wars, homework,  breakfast, lunch, dinner, constantly feeding baby, unsuccessful naps, shower nights…  lions, and tigers, and bears oh my!     ☺️😆 

Yesterday’s editing adventure went a little south. I sat at the computer  breaking down new story plots to go along with my edits. With a four and two yr. old  happily romping it out in a royal rumble, I thought hey why not work.     laughter = peace right?


An email came through from Amazon confirming a romance novel purchase. Whattttt! 

Let’s first get something straight.  Romance novels…. So not my thing. Throw some action, fight scenes, fantasy, some scyfi , some mystery my way, and you’ve  got yourself a reader. Because of this, my first and most silliest instinct was, “What the fark is my spouse reading romance novels for.?” He is the only other person who has access  to the account, and he’s a total scyfi nut. 😛.Something fishy is going on. “Did he buy it as a gift?” Did little miss teenager steal our password 😱 I pick up the phone and dial him. A few seconds go by before he answers, “Hello.” Without hesitation, I jumped straight to the point, “What are you  doing buying romance novels?” “What? What do you mean?”  “Someone bought a book, it went to your kindle.” He let out a small gasp of shock and said,  “I LEFT MY KINDLE AT HOME. ”  hmmm… naturally, someone else had to of hacked our account. I searched frantically for a number. I’m paying for a book I’ll never read! I change my password because whoever did it… cannot anymore.  While contacting Amazon can pose as difficult sometimes, I searched online for info. In doing so.  another writer friend assisted me in the find. 😉  way to go team!

My experience was great. I was more shocked at the purchase, and how it wasn’t me. My curiousity bested me. I really wanted to know how, and if possible where. Despite it all the representative was very helpful. Issue resolved … right?

Later that day: 

“Hey so I found my kindle in the boys room just now. Guess who was holding it.” 

The two year old.

……….. Yep…….uh huh…. Process it…. A two year old….REALLY?


He hounds devices, phones, and anything that requires a charge. 



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