A Writers Life

Ok so I know I’ve taken you all for quite the ride  in this past year. Stories and sagas have slowed. Poetry is at a minimum. SOW is still coming yet not consistently. What can I say? 

I’ve been busy. This novel means a lot to me. Has a great story line to it, and is well panned out. I’m putting my blood and sweat into it, some days I’m drained, and others I’m here. I’ve accomplished eleven pages of edits today alone,  and I’m pretty excited about that. 

Currently my life is filled, with raising, nursing, remembering, writing, and  our daily struggles as we all go along in life. I suppose it’s hard to write fictional stories when your deep in the trenches of a larger story.  That medicinal feeling you get when your making strides is almost undesceibable. 

Lately it’s been a struggle for me to make progress. I have felt hindered, and sleep deprived. As the days go by, so comes more time. Today was the first real day back at it. I am grateful I got it. 

I know I’ve started shedding small glimpses into my life in the past two years, and despite that, you have stay tuned in. I must be doing something right? ☺️  Your support, and understanding has been so amazing? Because of this support, I’m going on my two year anniversary on WP and I am estatic. 

The best part about blogging, is the practice if gives a writer. Not to mention the helpful support.

Who doesn’t feel motivated? 

You can’t disagree with “Blogging is a motivational tool. 👌

Trust me when I say. Being an author is hard enough. Add motherhood on to of that, and you’ve got yourself on difficult path.  ☺️ sure makes life interesting though. The experiences, the funny comments, the memories, it’s all worth it. Because once they grow you can’t enjoy them now… Again. You get one shot. And it’s a pretty small window. Take advantage. 😉  

Until next time….

Happy Friday! Mellie 💐

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