A Journey Endured: The Danielle Chronicles (Breaking Point)

“Nothing is more painful then a moment of impact. Either you take hold of the reigns and ride it through, or you just let it knock you down. The turmoil is bold .”

From his point of view. 
Two of my children, sat at in the hospital chapel conversing. Looking down in defeat, they hashed through decisions. They  wanted to be strong for each other, but I could see their pain. My son let a tear drop solemnly down his cheek, while my daughter bit her lip fighting back her emotions. I’d like to hope I’ve raised my children to handle life on their own. Tonight, they must decide their fate completely on their own. 

“Elle I know the final say is up to you, but just know how I feel about it and why.”

“I do Brad, and that’s why I don’t want to make a choice that will leave you resentful.”

Elle stared at him, knowing his guilt was weighing at him. They were about to make one of the hardest decision of their lives. She continued to say, “Brother whatever we end up doing… Just… Don’t feel  guilty. Think about it… He’s… Suffering.”

“What do you mean… Suffering?” 

“Didn’t  you hear the nurse?”

“Yeah but what does that mean?

“Brad… The infections have grown so adept that he’s forming spores.” She placed her head down in turmoil. “There’s nothing else we can really do” She looked up at the roof, and closed her eyes.   “Please lord. Give me a sign. ”


Elle and her brother, walked into the room. A world that seemed full of dread. 

“Dad what should we do.” She asked, wishing he could look over and give her the answer. Even within his bed, he moved his lips, and tilted his head towards the nurses station. As if to answer his daughters question, she analyzed even his expression. They stood silently over him with extended family at their side. Watching him in his last few hours of life. The clock ticked away. Elle stared into her fathers eyes. 

“I still remember the dreadful fear that came over me. I couldn’t stand by and watch it happen.”

As a persons soul sits inside their shell, the aura lights up inside their eyes. Lit Deep inside the black, is what tells one your still there. In one grave moment, his light began to fade.  Elle let out a shriek, “No!… My daddy!” Like an engine, those lights shot right back on. He’d heard her plea.  Elle cried for her father. He was her sunshine in the darkness. After calming herself down, she looked at her brother and said. “I better walk outside, if I’m gonna let him die in peace.” He nodded his head in understanding. 

Elle stood behind the glass doors watching. Without a blink, she stared at her father from a distance. The last beeps from the heart monitor sounded, and as if the reaper came to grasp, she watched the color fade from his face.  It seemed as though a ball of energy also released itself from his shell. She watched as it hovered over her in a cloud. For a small moment, she felt the presence of her father around her in an embrace. 

Basked in a moment of bitter pain,  she watched her brother through hugs, and reaching arms. Without a word, they connected silently within their grief. They stared at one another and let the reality sink in. “I’m ready to go home.” Brad said. Elle shook her head and replied,”yeah”again they placed their heads down and walked out. With their lives changed forever, the rug was pulled from underneath. A newer chapter was soon to begin.

To be continued…..

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